I Got GOAT! - The New Love Of My Life

  1. I know it's not for everyone but I have wanted this bag ever since I saw the LE Pony bag released for the opening of Bal Japan last year. It took me forever to find the perfect one but I finally found one :love:

    Thanks for indulging my need to share :smile:


  2. Very nice!!!!! Congrats on getting such a super sweet looking bag.:smile: :smile: :drool: :drool:
  3. Y
  4. Oooh pretty! I saw it recently in the shoulder style!

    Here's mine in ponyhair (well, calf hair)...

  5. very sexy :love:
    although personally i can't keep that beauty as a beauty after used :p
  6. WOW that bag sure makes a statement! GORGEOUS!!
  7. 0o0o0o livethelake congrats on the find!!! enjoy!!!
  8. :nuts: What a beautiful bag, definitely a statement one, i LOVE it!
  9. Thanks everyone...this is such a cool bag...I'm in love :love:
  10. I love your KID bag! ...goatskin...kid...LOL!

    The fur pattern and colors are gorgeous and very unique.
  11. Thanks Realdeal...My DH loved the fact that Balenciaga was using the entire goat - LOL
  12. OMG!!!!!!!! Live! it did get to you in like 5 hours???:nuts: You know I think that bag is rockin cool!!!!:love: :supacool: :love: Such a fun bag that will get a lot of attention!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! It's perfect!!! Is the leather trim black or dark brown?~ it looks black on my monitor but not sure.
  13. Ms. LTL ~ You've been stealth-BBag-shopping. :graucho:

    How does your B collection look now? I want details!
  14. gorgeous! I saw a similar bag at BalNY today and thought, hmmmmmmmm....
  15. Zac - I know!!! From credit card to pics it was 27 hours :yahoo: The trim is dark, dark brown

    Ms Le Junk - the collection is meager....a bit top heavy with magenta (weekender, city, make up clutch, coin purse) black city and my beloved goat...it's a happy little family at the lake :smile: