I got fed up of drooling after everyones Pomme!

  1. So I got a taste too!! :p

    And I'm glad I did! :yahoo:


    This color is so GORGEOUS!! :love:

  2. Wow, the Roxbury looks HOT!

  3. beautiful! congrats!
  4. oh yea... this bag is HOT and the color... :love:
  5. That bag is gorgeous!
  6. wow, really hottttttttt! CONGRATS!
  7. Very pretty!
  8. OMG! My SA is so funny! She literally almost licked it! HAHAHA!
  9. congrats! very pretty
  10. Wow, soooo pretty!
  11. OMG! jealous!! I love it!
  12. niceeeeeeee!!!!
  13. i want that bag!!!!
  14. mmmmm delicious! congrats!
  15. Congratttt!!!!!!! Love the red hehe
    wear it in a good health!!!!