I got Fake Chanel bag on Mercari

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  1. I bought a Chanel WOC on Mercari 7/24/19 and paid through PayPal. Everything was ok until I wanted to sell the bag to get a bigger bag. In order to make sure my bag authenticity before selling, I did an online authentication through Real authentication (RA), it turned out FAKE. I tried to contact the seller in Mercari. But the account disappeared and unable to locate. I contacted Mercari customer service. They said unable to return or refund because it’s out of 3- day return window and I already rated the seller. I’m thinking of opening a dispute to PayPal. Please help me how to get my money back! This is my first Chanel purchase. I paid $1400.
  2. File dispute with PP that’s your best course of action. Irrespective of what Mercati’s return policy is, you have 6 months with PP. Unless the seller has closed her account, PP will be able to claw it back from her account on record. If she’s gone off grid, you’d have a harder time but PP may have a way internally though it’ll take longer.

    Lesson to live by - get everything authenticated as soon as you receive it to avoid headaches like these.

    Good luck!
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  3. Thank you jmc3007! I’m gonna open a dispute with PayPal. I’m so worried and searched for the same topic. Per my understanding, I need to get professional authentication written statement to submit to PayPal. I emailed etinceler authenticator and asked for authentication. They said I need to send the bag in for physical inspection and they will send out the written statement. The cost of the whole authentication process is $100 for physical inspection+$75-$100 for written statement+ shipment & postage insurance fee. The total cost will be $200+. I already lost $1400 . My consideration is whether I can win the dispute. I’m willing to pay the authentication process. Do I need to send the bag before open the dispute or after open the dispute. Please help me!
  5. How did you fund the PP payment? If you used a credit card, you can file a dispute through your card company. While they may request an authentication, there's a more likely chance that they won't require it than by going through Paypal.
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  6. Thank you for your advice! I funded my PayPal thru my visa credit card. Can I file dispute with CC and PP at the same time? Should I let Mercari customer service know that I’m going to file dispute and chargeback? I had screen shot of the item description that the item “ 100% authentic”.
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    Check out Authenticate4U.com, best to reach them by FB Messenger. You might be able to get away with a full set of high res photos with all markings required instead of physical inspection and A4U can issue report. Tbh the few times I had to submit PP claims re authenticity, I never had to submit a written report even though I kept hearing about that but I knew enough why the item was considered fake and submitted with PP claim process the photos calling out the inconsistencies. You may start with a written or email report from 3rd party services and go from there. There’s a small cost involved but nowhere near $200.

    I’d use PP dispute first before calling cc for charge back, by all means stay on top of PP. time is of the essence with both venues. Wouldn’t waste my time with Mercari, they already want you to go away.
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  8. Generally, a credit card dispute should be the last resort after all else fails. If you open a c.c. dispute while the PP on is still open, PP will close it. You can only have one dispute open at a time.

    Although the RA authentication was sent to your email, is the document a PDF? (I don't know how RA works but I've used A4U and the basic authentication sent to email includes a PDF attachment of the document page on a letterhead. I've seen that form accepted as proof of inauthenticity.)

    Try submitting what you have to PP and see if they'll accept it.

    If they refuse, call your c.c. company and explain the situation, what you have and ask whether it's acceptable proof for them.

    Otherwise, you might have to spend the $200 on Etinceler.

    I would definitely let Mercari customer service know that you got a fake and that you'll be taking whatever actions are necessary to get your money back. And if you haven't done so already, let the seller know too. Although a seller is responsible for knowing items are authentic before listing, it's possible that she made an honest mistake.

    And just so you know, whether the seller stated "authentic" or not is irrelevant. ALL items MUST be authentic by law since counterfeit items are illegal. An excuse (in some cases) of "I didn't describe it as authentic" doesn't hold water.

    I'm sorry you are dealing with this stress.
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  9. RE the above, I should clarify:

    If you open a c.c. dispute while the PP on is still open, PP will close the paypal case. You can only have one dispute open at a time.
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  10. Is there any reason why you can't get a certificate/statement from Real Authentication since you've already authenticated your bag with them? Not sure how they operate, but if you already have an email authentication, I don't think it should cost a lot more to upgrade to a written statement? It will cost you a lot less money this way. Unless you have doubt about their authentication and want the bag physically inspected?
    I would personally just open a case with Paypal and submit the email authentication as proof. You never know, they may accept it as they have done so in the past with me.

    Since the funds have already been released to your seller, it's now Mercari that Paypal will go after if you start a dispute. You will, with proof, get your money back, but since Mercari is now on the hook for the $, there's a high chance that they will ban you/close your account. I hope it won't happen to you, but have seen them do this before.
  11. Thank you jmc3007! I contacted A4U by FB messenger and replied

    “Thanks for your message. Initially I’d suggest you have an authentication carries out. In many cases this is enough for claim should that be required. Should you need a more detailed document if the item were fake then we can upgrade the service and you would only pay the difference. “

    The initial fee is $15 ( thank you again) and I’m more than happy and already paid. Ive sent them the pictures and waiting on their confirmation of authenticity.
  12. The way RA worked was I created an account and uploaded my pictures. They just emailed me to state that my order is completed and log in my acct for result.Then I only saw the result of authenticity by “counterfeit” on my order. Nothing related to authenticity was sent thru my email ( maybe I chose the cheapest service which was $20). I haven’t opened the dispute yet because I have a balance on mercari and concern that Mercari will suspend my acct and hold on my money. I initiated a transfer that balance to my bank yesterday and it will take 3-5 days to transfer to my bank.
    When the money is transferred. I’ll start the dispute process. Hopefully everything will go smoothly and I don’t need to contact etinceler.
    I’m unable to contact my seller on the Mercari. It’s said “not found” or “user unavailable” when I tried to click in her acct or the purchase ‘s history or conversation message. I don’t know why it likes that. My guess is whether she deleted her acct or someone reported her acct and mercari blocked her. I have no clue abt that. I regretted I didn’t screen shot our conversation. By the way, with your saying regarding selling fake is illegal, i feel better.
  13. I saw your post and went back and checked my RA account. And I saw RA does offer an $10 add-on service for certificate of authenticity /written statement documentation. Maybe I was so upset and clueless when I found my bag was counterfeit. I didn’t pay attention to RA acct. by the way, I paid the add-on service on RA along with waiting for A4U confirmation.
  14. Thank you ironic 568!
    I’m new to PurseBlog and not good on new tech. accidentally post unfinished reply! I have a balance in my Mercari acct and worry that they will close my acct and hold on my balance. I already transferred my money yesterday and hopefully I can get my transfer soon then I can open a dispute.
    I had accepted that I would have lost the money until I googled my problem and read other thread on PurseBlog. This is my first pre-love luxury handbag. I learned my lesson.
  15. Thank you BeenBurned!
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