I got chanel bags. I did.

  1. I just got a classic caviar in black and ordered a grand shopping tote in black, starting my chanel collection. One is for my birthday, the other is for a coming memorable event. I am preparing gifts for myself a couple of months advance, hehe:yahoo: .

    Yesterday I went to my local NM to check my desired bag. But the sales lady told me it was so crazy these days, everyone came in for chanel. The black classic caviar flap was sold out. They only have pink or lambskin. I was so sad and could not sleep last night, regretting having waited for two days to go to store. This morning after get up, I called and rushed to San Francisco store (my boss is on his business trip, that's why I can be off:graucho: ). Very lucky, they have both black classic flap with gold and silver hardware. I choose silver since it looks younger and more modern. The GST in store was just sold out yesterday but the sales checked the computer and order one to deliver home for me. The sales said I made right desison since only these two product lines will increase the price. Really? Please, say to me if I made a good decision?

    The ones living in bay area could call or go to SF boutique, they seem to have more remaining classic stuff, if you want them badly.
  2. Are these tow the right start for chanel collection? This is my first post here but noboday responded to me yet. I feel so sad...:crybaby:
  3. Those are wonderful starts. I LOVE the Grand Shopper, gold or silver HW?

    What a great start! And, I love the title to your thread!
  4. Don't be sad, Friday's are typically slow posting days. Those two bags are great starter bags, and you did very good. Please post pictures of your bags when they arrive, and welcome to the Chanel subforum.:flowers:
  5. Of course they are!!!:drool: :drool: Congrats my dear!!!:nuts: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  6. You chose some great bags and thanks for the tip on the SF store. I am going there tomorrow and it's nice to know they still have bags available. Enjoy your beautiful new bags!
  7. I'm doing the same exact thing... getting a classic flap and GST. Got to get them before the price increase. Congrats!!!
  8. Excellent choices and great timing right before the price hike. Good job!! :yes:
  9. Congrats!!
    That is a great start! The best start in my opinion because you chose the two bags that will never go out of style. Also, these two are part of the timeless classic line and those are all going to have a price increase on Feb. 1st.
    So Yeah, you made a great decision! :smile:
  10. Thanks to you guys! :love:
    queenmab, do you mean the hardware of GST?:wtf: I was not aware of it, hope the SA will call me back. She did not ask me to make choice at that time, probably I did not have choices.

    From your view, which one is better? I chose silver HD for the classic flap. I should have chance to do exchange.:yucky:

  11. Congratz !!!! I wanna get the GST too, but all $ goes to Classic flaps :smile:

    Remember to share your pics once you get them !!!!
  12. Thanks pinkpiano, I fell in love with the black caviar flap when I saw your pic and decided go for it.;)

  13. Congrats!!! I sure would love to see some pics when you have the chance! It sounds so lovely!!!
  14. Those are excellent choices that you will enjoy forever! Congrats!!!
  15. congrats, Iris! the black flap is definitely a great choice to start off your chanel collection. you've picked some of the best classics to begin it all!