I got caught in the rain with my lambskin flap!

  1. Hi Ladies,

    Please help. My lambskin wallet got soaked today while i was trying to shield my friend and I from the rain. It has dried but the leather is rough and I can see a watermark. What should i do? :crybaby:

    should i take it chanel and have them fix it? Can they fix it? :crybaby:

  2. so you used your wallet to shield your friend from the rain?????

    you are a nice friend. I would have used my friend to shield my wallet. I don't have any experience with rain damage b/c I am not as kind as you to my friends...:roflmfao: :wlae: :roflmfao:

    I hope someone will be able to help you. Good luck
  3. i misrepresented. i used my umbrella to shield my friend but she kept walking out of the umbrella! and as a result my purse got horribly wet and my wallet was inside. :crybaby:
  4. does anyone have any suggestions. It doesn't feel the same. :sad:
  5. umm...I guess you should bring it to chanel boutique and ask them What u can do with it..!! I know that once the leather had got water mark on it...its hard to erase it after....so I guess u would have to save up for another new wallet...!!
  6. Help!!

    I was in the city today and it just started pouring down, I took off my jacket to cover it up but there are some smudges and splodges and the leather where the water has come in contact with it has gotten a bit funny coloured :sad:

    Help!!!! I've only had her for two weeks, and she's my first Chanel :sad:

    HELP TIA!!
  7. Bring her back to Chanel asap.
  8. oh, that is too bad!!! let us know what happens at the store.
  9. I'm so sorry for you. Could you let me know what happens to it please? Is it ok now? I've just bought a caviar flap and want to exchange for lambskin but worried how it will affected by rain. I'm sure if you pat it dry with a soft cloth and dry away from direct heat you will be fine. Good luck.
  10. oh no! What colour is your flap? Has it had a chance to dry yet? Hopefully when it does it'll be ok?

    Keep us updated!
  11. Bring it back to Chanel store. Hopefully they are able to fix it.
  12. yeah...just bring it to chanel boutique. they can be able to fix it for you. Anyway, what color is your flap?
  13. Oh my, what color is your flap? Is it black? Definitely bring it to Chanel and ask them what they can do or what you should do. Hopefully it dries off perfectly.
  14. My question exactly, what color is your bag. (Probably not black because it hides a lot.) Please keep us updated.

    (I've been known to put my jacket or coat on over the bag if I'm caught in rain, snow. In desperate times, one takes evasive measures.)
  15. Aw, so sorry to hear that. Hopefully it can get fixed, good luck with that!

    Whenever I'm wearing a lambskin bag, I always take a plastic bag with me. So when it starts to rain, I can quickly put it in the plastic bag. The things we have to do to keep our bags save, huh :sweatdrop: