I got caught in a rainstorm with my Banana Bulga crescent tote :(

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  1. Yesterday I was out and it poored rain for 5 mins then stopped completely...I had no clue it would rain as it was sunny all day and my crescent tote got completely soaked :crybaby:
    Now it has mostly dried, but the leather isn't as soft as it was before ..Ive only had this bag for about 2 weeks!!!!!
    Has anyone else ever experienced this..and is there anything I can do to resoften the leather?
  2. How about a leather conditioner? If you want to order online, Applegarde is sold at leatherstuff.com, Lovinmybag.com is a popular brand on this forum. Or you can buy some locally from Nordstroms (brand is Cadillac), Wilson Leather, and Target and Walmart should sell the Kiwi brand.
  3. :cry:Oh no!! How awful..