1. Unbelievable!! :nuts: My husband and I went out for dinner tonight..to a sports bar..and I got carded when I ordered a drink!!! I thought the waitress was carding my husband (who is a few years younger than I)...when I realized she was talking to me..I was like..."WHAT?"..."HELL YES YOU CAN CARD ME"...LOL:yahoo: :wtf: :roflmfao:

    The waitress said.."I have to card anyone who looks under 30"...HAHAHAHA....I am almost 43!!! I cannot wait to tell my two girls who are both in college...That made my night!....hahahahhaha
  2. Rock ON! I would kiss anyone who carded me.
  3. GOD..I hope I get carded tonight!!!!!ROFL!
  4. Mty friend is 30 and she still gets carded for cigarettes, lol!!
  5. That's awesome! I'm almost 34 and I get carded all the time! I hope I'm still getting carded at 43! You go girl!
  6. Congrats!! That is a great compliment!
  7. HAHah! I love being carded..
  8. wow.. 43?? you (assuming it's you in your avatar) look amazing!!
  9. What a cute story!! :smile: I hope I can pass for under thirty when I'm in my forties as well!
  10. That is so cool! Congrats :smile:
  11. That's the best feeling! Yay!!!!
  12. whoa! congrats!... that's a great compliment, eh?
  13. sniff...sob..I went out with Jillybean tonight..I did NOT get carded..WAHHHHH!
  14. Congratulations!!!Awesome!!!!:party:
  15. hahah isnt it funny when ur younger you hope you look old enough and dont get carded.. when ur older your dying to get carded... teeheee...