i got boobies!

  1. this saturday i passed by a sample sale my brother's gf's mother runs and i nearly passed out when i saw... lots and lots of boobies :drool: i ended getting myself these.. :yahoo:

  2. What a stroke of luck!! And gorgeous too!!
  3. i know! and thank you :biggrin:

    i was all set to walk away from there with a grey dress (because i don't already have 25 of those) and then i saw these :sweatdrop:
  4. You're so lucky! Congrats they are lovely :love:
  5. I love ur boobie's collection.....so far i have only one in ivory white.....urs are more FABULOUS~~
  6. i have a white one too :biggrin: and a black one on the way :lol:

    i couldn't believe i got so lucky, i was happy the rest of the day even with a hangover from the night before :shame:
  7. :wtf: How come i never get lucky like this :crybaby: Congrats:yahoo:
  8. i never usually do! i had a black boobie that my friend got in the sg sale and then it fell off my bag with a hermès cadena hanging off it :crybaby: so it was my time to get lucky i think :lol:
  9. LUCKY GIRL! I wanna be lucky like you, annanas... Love your boobies. :graucho:
  10. Congrats on your new boobies! So funny to type...:graucho:
  11. That's fabulous! Do you mind me asking how much they were?
  12. very cute boobies collection!!
  13. OMG congrats~:drinks:
  14. What a great little fine!!! I wish things like that happened to me!!! Congrats on your boobies! lol
  15. I love your BOOBIES!! Congrats, Annanas, I know you've been looking for these.