I got back my new CLs from the cobbler and... URGHHH!!!

  1. i never thought this would happen to me from my favorite cobbler (not done by him sadly, but his younger worker) but holy cow, it sure did! i really don't mean to sound whiny or anything but i'm very upset right now. my brand new nude yoyos, black patent VPs and blue pigalles 70 which i have yet to wear b/c i only would do so when i get their soles fixed. now that they're fixed, i have a major problem to fix, which is to unfix them! holy cow, those new rubber soles look like crap on the shoes (i can hear my heart crying and bleeding out loud) and especially so on the nude yoyos and blue pigalles. :wtf:

    the rubber soles fixed on my nude yoyos are in natural light tan color which is not the same color as the wood trimming of the nudes. so obviously in different color, my cobbler went to file the wood trimming and made the wood trimming match to the rubber soles' color! AND it looks worst - it makes no sense for my wood trimming + soles to stand out more than my nude patent yoyos? now the color is even brighter than the nude and it's even more obvious that i had my soles done (looks bright and thick at the side angles).

    and my blue pigalles - the black rubber soles put on the bottom are thick. the wood trimming of the blue pigalles is painted in black so now the soles look like a puddle of black oil smacked onto the soles of my shoes. it looks weird and especially thick at the side angles - i just couldn't live with it! :s

    not forgetting that the soles on my VPs are also messed up - they are short in length and it looks and feels so strange. i asked my cobbler and he said they're fine, too long and it'll look weird. even my mom also said so but i just have a funny and negative feeling about them. i've been trying to 'psycho' myself into accepting them but i can't do that. it's been about 2 days now and i can't get to sleep properly without having to worry about them. :sad:

    i am going to bring them back tomorrow to have them redone. i only hope this time it would be better and that i won't be this upset anymore..

    PS: i haven't had my yellow patent simple pumps done yet, i don't know what i should do now since the cobbler i always go to messed them up!
  2. so sorry to hear that, can we saw pics?
  3. Oh really sorry to hear that I can understand your dissapointment I had times when I left a cobbler crying because I was so upset and mad.
    it seems the hardest thing in the world to find a good cobbler who has at least some fashionsens.
  4. oh no, I really feel for you!:sad:

    I've had cobblers ruin shoes before its SO heartbreaking. I now avoid going to them if at all possible

    I hope something can be worked out to fix them.
  5. That's terrible. It is unforunate the cobbler you work has associates who do not produce the same quality of work. You have photographs of all of your shoes before you took them to the cobbler's right? Take photographs now to document the poor workmanship. Also, since you are bringing them back, make sure it is the cobbler you have a history of working with who will fix them, not younger associates. Good luck.
  6. i'm going to take them to the cobbler's later.. i hope everything will turn out fine or my heart will shatter!! (why does it have to be the nude yoyos.....)
  7. oh no that is horrible i really hope they can fix it
  8. I am so sorry that happened!!! Maybe they can fix them so the new soles are not so obvious. Good luck!!!
  9. Ohh no! I'm sorry..next time you get them done at the same cobbler, make sure it is the cobbler that always does your shoes and not the younger worker. He sounds inexperienced.. nude yoyos are one of my favorite shoes! Good luck
  10. ladydeluxe, i hope it all works out for you.
  11. Post pics.
    Try going to the cobbler in NYC that all the girls here have gone to.
    I feel your pain. Its very upsetting getting something back ruined.
  12. my shoes turn out fine now!!! thanks ladies! everything's well except for my pigalles that are quite ruined.. maybe b/c they're low (70mm) so the black soles are more obvious since the wood trimming is in black. my regular cobbler understands my distress as he knows that these shoes are exp (for the amount of moola stashed on these.. duh lol) and so he said if he were me, he would've screamed lol.

    the yoyos look fantastic now, they polished the sides of the soles in rose color (just like the wood color before) and now they look great. i had my yellow patent simple pumps done too and they were done by my regular cobbler so he got them right the first time! pheewww thank god! and a big thank you for you ladies being here with me.. makes me feel so much better ;)
  13. Glad it worked out for you. Lesson learned: do not let anyone except for your trusted cobbler touch your shoes! They are too precious to let just anyone work on them.
  14. ^ :yes:
  15. So glad it worked out!