i got another vernis bag!! (pics)

  1. i think i need professional help... i am a serious vernis addict. :shame: I said my next bag would be something monogram (i have no mono bags!!) but i lied. I said I would never get a Reade PM...well, I lied. :biggrin: I saw this bag pop up on Let-Trade, and I had to have it. It was just too cute. Blue is actually my favorite color. Plus it was a good deal (at $429, it's basically half retail, considering tax).

    So here is my 7th vernis item, presenting my new-to-me Reade PM in INDIGO!! :love:


    with matching 4-key holder (i also got this for 1/2 price, on eBay)

    a modeling pic (excuse the bad hair and bad outfit, i took the day off today)

    i really like this bag!! i always thought the Reade was too small for me, but it actually holds a LOT of stuff. I'm pretty sure it actually holds more than my Rosewood! And the handles aren't that short, so it is easy to carry in the crook of my arm. And I love how indigo looks different depending on the lighting. sometimes it looks like a dark blue, other times a slate blue and other times it looks like a deep purple. i :heart: it!!

    ok, now time to get back on the ban!! :p
  2. Adorable set!
  3. it's very pretty! congrats
  4. Sweet, she's beautiful! I saw that on Let-Trade and was wishing I had some funds. I actually am a fan of the Reade. She's a great bag. I had her in Amarante but traded her in for our Rosewood. I still have my Reade in Bronze though.

    Congratz, your collection is taking lovely shape!!!
  5. gorgeous :tup:
  6. Very very pretty. I love indigo too. One of these days I'll get around to picking something up. Seeing you with your Reade, I'm kind of regretting selling mine in fuscia. :crybaby:
    You are just so pretty too!
  7. very beautiful! the blue looks gorgeous with your dark hair. thank you for sharing.
  8. Congratz!!! You look fab!
  9. Very nice... it's in a hella good condition too.

  10. Congrats :nuts:
  11. such a cute set!
  12. beautiful bag, I love the color, great choice
  13. Congrats, its wonderful you were lucky enough to get a matching set! :tup:
  14. Totally adorable -- both you AND the bag!
  15. thanks everyone for your kind comments!! part of the fun in getting a new bag is coming here to share it with you all!! :tpfrox: