I got another one!! NOW I'm broke. heehee..*pics*

  1. I'm not going to post a lot of pics since everyone knows what this looks like.

    Thanks to the fabulous Joma that made me put what I took OFF my wishlist onto the shopping cart, 2 days in a row..here is my new spy family. Update from yesterday lol. I wish I could get the gray wisteria but I'm finally too broke to impulse shop -this is a good thing!

    In that last one they're all going off to play :tender:I love them all:heart::heart::heart:
    zucca 003 (Large).jpg zucca 006 (Large).jpg zucca 004 (Large).jpg zucca 005 (Large).jpg
  2. Out of all the Spys this one is my favorite! Enjoy it. Its gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Oh wow!! That is one beautiful family! CONGRATS!!!:heart:
  4. my my, that is one lovely shopping haul you have there :biggrin:

    congratulations, what a collection!
  5. what an amazing spy family, can i be their sister??? i will love them forever!!! congrats, those are all good bags to own! i wuv them!
  6. Beautiful purse...I'm supposed to get mine this week...but now I want a black one...probably suede...and I will love to get a white and honey wisteria...and why not a blue one...darn...I was into LV and know you guys got me into Fendi Spy's...they are really nice as shoulder bags...especially compared to LV shoulder bags which are so stiff.

  7. Congrats! can't wait to get mine too....:p
  8. Lovely collection! mine just shipped today...we should be getting a group discount from joma!? :smile:)
  9. oh I WISH we could get a group discount! Thanks everyone, I agree, I have three awesome spys:heart:
  10. What lovely family photos! :nuts:
  11. Beautiful Family! They are so addicting. Dont you need a few babies to add to the family LOL.
  12. Love it! Congrats.
  13. Ok - I'm in love.

    What is the last bag in the last 2 pictures of the line of 4 pictures? I guess what I mean is the color - I know it's a spy bag.

    I know, I'm dumb - I've never looked at Fendi before, but that is beautiful! I'm so jealous!
  14. What a lovely variety of spies - zucca, blueberry and denim, just fabulous!
  15. Congrats you did well, really beautiful, I love your "family"! If I could I would follow your exemple but must wait patiently for number one to come in.:drool: