I got ANOTHER job!!!


Oct 6, 2007
Ok so some of you may remember that I got a job in the Payroll Dept. at the university that I go to a few months ago...

Well my dad works at the navy base around here (base is in Groton, CT) and he told me to apply for the internship that they have for college students every summer, so I did. They were supposed to be done deciding at the end of last month, so I figured I didn't get it...but my dad talked to some people down there and yesterday they had 5 of the 6 spots filled. I still figured I wasn't going to get it. Then I get a voicemail when BF and I got home today saying they really want me to work there for the summer!!

The position is in the Contracts Dept and I'll be a Procurement Clerk. They pay is $12.42 an hour (compared to my $8.65 now!!!) and I start May 19 (I thought I would be starting at the end of June if I got it).

And the cherry on top of the sundae, the Payroll Dept is so impressed with my work so far that they told me if I get the internship, I'll still have a job when the internship is over and I come back to school in the fall. Ahh, life is good!!

Sorry for the post being so long, I just HAD to tell you guys!!!:yahoo:


Oct 22, 2006
How exciting is that!!


You know, one of our other TPFrs (MJ lover) needs a job since she was just let go. :sad:
She can interview for your old job. :smile: