I got an unexpected treasure!!! (see pics).....

  1. :yahoo:
    Every once in a while there is an unexpected treasure that pops up on eBay, and I was lucky enough to get this one, and at a unbelievable price too!

    I was doing my usual eBay cruising, and since I already have my holy grails from past seasons I thought the only bags I would be getting soon would be the Grape and Jaune bags I am on the waiting list for, or possibly something French Blue.

    Then WHAMO!!! I see this little beauty, a 2004 Light Turquoise First in mind blowing condition!!! I usually wait until a bag arrives before I post pictures, but I was just too excited to hold off!!! Is it my imagination or wishful thinking, or does this look bag look as unbelievably new as I think it does?

    I would love to hear from anyone who owns or owned 04 Lt Turquoise. I think I have heard this color tends to fade or turn yellow(?), and although I got it for a great price I still want it to last as long as possible! Here she is, please let me know what you think.....
    :shocked: I am still in shock, and I doubt it will sink in until I have her in my hands! :love:
  2. DOUBLE WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW :yahoo: Very pretty, I'd be on pins and needles waiting for her to come home!
  3. ^^ wow, good job girl, it's stunning :yahoo:
  4. Deana, that is GORGEOUS but that looks like Sky Blue to me, not Turquoise 04. :confused1:
  5. Wow! Congrats Deana!!!!! :drool:
  6. congratulations on your wonderful new purchase! it's so gorgeous and goes perfectly with the rest of your collection. :smile:
    it does look like it's in really good condition. minimal handle darkening!
  7. Deana, congrats!!!!
    I have a turq first and love it, and I think you will love yours too!! It's a bright pastel, in the same category as bubblegum! Just be careful with the photoshoots, this color is very fragile in terms of fading. Mine was a little faded when ishe arrived to me but I conditioned her and she brightened up again!
  8. Oh deana she looks lovely, i cant wait to see you pics! and a braid for her! lol
  9. :nuts: Wow Deana!!!!!!:yahoo:Yay!!! C O N G R A T S

    That bag is stunning - :drool: and don't think you could have found a bag that would compliment your collection any better..... I'm SO HAPPY for you!!!!

    Can't wait to see your own pics - a group up-date with this beauty in the picture would be excellent :yes:
  10. Deana, Congrats on the new bag. I saw this beauty on eBay this morning and I could hardly believe the fantastic condition for an 04 bag. I new it would make some PFer very happy - indeed I am glad it was you!
  11. Very very pretty!!
  12. Way to go Deana! :tup: I'm needing you to be my personal shopper! That is a stunning bag!!!
  13. wow. looks exactly like 05 sky blue! (my first bbag ever).
  14. ITA - it looks like a sky blue to me too. still, amazing leather and gorgeous color! can't wait to see more pics :tup:
  15. What a nice leather and the condition is very good, you are lucky!!