I got an ultrasound yesterday

  1. I made my first visit to the fertility specialist yesterday. As usual, the verdict was that I am totally healthy and fine, etc etc. I am actually getting tired of hearing that, esp from doctors. Anyway, she told me we could do a quick ultrasound and have a look at my uterus and ovaries. I agreed.

    It was kind of cool to see everything up there on the monitor, as murky and grainy as it was. We looked at and measured my uterus first. Everything looked good. It was around day 16 of my cycle yesterday, so right at midpoint, which helped the doctor notice other things too.

    She measured the lining of my uterus, and said it looked good. This was a relief as I have lighter than average periods and have worried in the past that somehow that is a factor.

    Then we moved over to my left ovary. How bizarre to see it! It didn't look like much, other than a blob with a lot of black dots on it. The doctor explained that the black dots are fluid, and represent ripe follicles. She pointed to a very large one and said that this follicle had probably hatched an egg this cycle. Overall, my ovary had over a dozen of these, which is very good, esp for someone my age (35).

    So. My anatomy checks out. I suppose the next step is to do a progesterone pool lab (three blood draws in three days a week following ovulation), and then, alas, the dye test, because a blocked tube would explain a lot (though there would be no explanation for why I would have a blocked tube). And of course, getting my husband checked again.

    I recommend if you havent, to do an ultrasound. It doesn't hurt (they use a wand and put that inside you), and it cost around $135 at my clinic. My insurance may even cover that.

    Ooh! And I also saw other organs on the screen, of course, and asked the doctor to identify them. It was like a little anatomy lesson.
  2. Glad to hear so far so good.
  3. I was at the doctor's today too. Second visit to the fertility specialist. Had the ultrasound during the first visit and everything checked out, no cysts, etc.

    This follow up visit is after the many blood tests both DH and I underwent a couple weeks back. And again, mine was good i.e. hormone levels etc all ok for someone my age, I'm ovulating etc etc.

    DH's sperm test was not so great. This was his second test and it was an improvement over the first one.

    So now, as advised by the doctor, the next step would either be for me to undergo the HSG (dye test) to know for sure no tube blockage etc or skip that and just proceed with IVF.

    Or just do nothing and hope for the best.
  4. Glad to hear all checked out for you Jane. It may be good to have DH checked as well.
  5. Ms Piggy it looks like we're in the same place right now. I did the blood tests a year ago or more so I want to do the progesterone pool again. If it turns out ok I'll have no choice but the dye test. But I would just rather know than be in the dark. I'd rather rule out everything.
  6. We are about the same age too. Here's wishing all the best to us and be preggers very soon!
  7. happy new year and happy new beginnings to everyone. i haven't been on here in awhile. Congratulations jane and ms. piggy for moving forward. since last on here, may be it was early december, my husband and i (or should i say .."i've"gone under sonograms, blood draws, exams etc.). when everything is normal at all different times. Though, never had a progesterone pool. as of yesterday had egg retrieval under iv sedation. doctor's office called today. says i had a great response and looks promising! I'd like to share my experience. am gonna post a new thread. Chodessa i love that picture of the two puppies...what breed are they?
  8. I know it's a scary step to take to start seeing the fertility specialist. I think I read somewhere that 2/3 of people who seek fertility assistance, do get pregnant and those are very good odds. You're all taking a step in the right direction. Good Luck everyone!
  9. Glad you checked ok, hope everything works out soon!

    I just had an ultrasound yesterday. It´s sort of a relief to know there´s an issue that hopefully can be dealt with.