I got an LV booklet in the mail today!

  1. Did anyone else get one? :nuts: Its got a grey cover and talks about the history, products, and services.
  2. Missypoo got one. She posted some pics of the pages. I keep hoping I get one. If I am going to get advertising mailers, they might as well be for something I like for a change!
  3. I always get the mailing from eLuxuary, but not LV. I wish I will have one too... :sad:
  4. Is it a small booklet? It's grey cover? I actually got two copies.. one last week and one this week. One was from NYC, which is weird since I never shopped for LV in NYC, and the other one is from an SA in Hawaii whom I purchased from in the past. I love getting mails from LV, even if they send me duplicates :P
  5. I think mine was from NYC too!
  6. Nope. Never get anything from LV here.:cursing:
  7. yeah I got it last week. It's silver and has a small perforated Louis Vuitton cut out at the bottom. It's pretty thick. Beautiful pix!
  8. I received it and wonder why--I don't buy nearly as much as some customers do. It was interesting.
  9. Lucky gals! :yes:
  10. hmM. i want one!!!