I got an interview at NORDSTROM!!!

  1. Hey ladies ;)
    I'm so excited that I got an interview at Nordstrom!! It's my favorite store and I'm shocked I got a call because.. well long story short, I just met the buyer one time at a school event and gave her my info. I didn't think anything would happen, but omg it did! I don't have any retail experience, so I'm hoping my interview goes well. Any tips on what to wear, shoes, or how I should act during the interview? I'm so nervous. This is my first formal interview.. I'm all over the place, and can't focus on anything right now! Yeah, so anything will help!! Thanks ladies! :heart: :heart:
  2. Tips:
    -Dress professionally. I'm a assuming you don't know what the dress code is yet, so follow the ususal rules: not too much skin, nothing too out there.Your interviewers first impression of you will be based a lot on how you look. Wear stiletto pumps or something similar.
    -Act like yourself, and maybe before hand try to think about what kind of questions they might ask you.
    Good Luck!
  3. How exciting. I agree with LV-Lover's dress advice. Let us know how it goes. Good Luck!
  4. congrats good for you!!
    good luck on the interview
  5. I would google "behavioral interview questions" and then prepare some answers for them. It really helps! Good luck!
  6. I, like you, love Nordstrom and was super excited when I got an interview there. I had no retail experience but had 6 years of customer service. They didn't think I had enough experience though they suggest I apply for studio 121 aka old women's career clothes. I said no because I don't want to do that. But the kinds of questions they ask are all 'tell me about a time you....' so be prepared for that. And wear a pantsuit. Always! Good luck, I'm sorry I didn't really answer your question.
  7. Yay congrats! Good Luck w/the interview! Make sure to tell us what happens cuz I want to apply there also.
  8. How exciting!!! :yahoo:

    Wear great shoes - heels. Don't overdo your makeup, just ensure you look professional and well groomed. Try to do up your hair - tie it up in a ponytail or ballet buns are really in now too :yes:

    Do your reasearch on the company, and practice all the usual interview questions, so that you will come across as well prepared, articulate and confident.

    Most of all, let your personality shine through, and let them know that you will be an asset to the company.

    G'luck with the interview, and let us know how it goes!! :flowers:
  9. good luck!!!
  10. Thank you guys so much for the tips!! I am practicing my answers to questions right now.. sooooo nervous!! I hope I do well but even if I don't get the job, it'll just be a good experience. I'll let you guys know what happens!
  11. Good luck x joie! Wear a big smile and give a firm handshake. You'll do great!
  12. Oh how exciting, I love Nordstroms. I would wear black slaks and a cute top with a cardigan.
  13. good luck
    let us know how everything goes
  14. First of all, CONGRATS!!

    I am in the job interview stage too. A GREAT resource is msn.com

    They have TONS of articles about interviewing, what to wear, etc.

    Good luck! Keep us posted :smile:
  15. this is perfect advice. I used to work at Nordies for a little over a year (DH worked there for 7). Anywho you are required to dress up for work, nice stuff. In the summer you are allowed to wear no hose but it's required in winter. I personally though would never were a skirt on an interview. It's too distracting cuz usually when one wears a skirt, they figit (sp?). SO I agree wear slacks and a nice button down shirt (do NOT expose the twins!). NY and Company has some cute 3/4 sleeve dressy button down shirts for cheap. I shopped for clothes at bebe, ny & co, express and well nord when I worked there.

    this is the shirts I'm talking about:


    oh and DON'T over accessorize! One ring per hand, I know this sounds dumb but make sure you wear a watch (I was a hiring manager for a retail store and it looks good to know that you are aware of the time so you won't be late to work!)

    Nord was a fun place to work. Try and get a job in a fun dept like TBD or Savvy or even women's shoes, handbags or cosmetics. DO not, and I mean DO NOT ask for Brass Plum - that dept is a NIGHTMARE to work in!! Unless you enjoy cleaning up huge messes that teenagers leave behind in the fitting rooms (everything is usually all over the floor, unbuttoned, unzipped and unhung!) They work on commission. If you think you wouldn't be that good at that, ask to work as an operator. The girls that did that in my store would sit there and read mags or books, do their homework, text friends on their phones.