I got an Edith satchel half off!

  1. I went to the Ron Herman sale today and got a whiskey Edith satchel for 50% off! I couldn't believe it! I had been dreaming about that bag...I love it, but couldn't justify paying full price now that it's been around for a while. But oh dear, is it pretty...
  2. Pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. That's a great deal! Congrats!!! And we want pics! ;)
  4. Will post when I'm back at school. Came home for the weekend to shop and take LSAT :smile:. Wish me luck, Edith will be with me!
  5. Congrats nerdphanie!!! :nuts: Awesome deal!! Can't wait to see pics!! Good luck on your LSAT!! :heart:
  6. Congrats! That is an amazing price!
  7. i love that bag and what an amazing price! good luck on the lsat!
  8. :yahoo: YIPEEEE!!!!:yahoo: Congrats on finding such a GORGEOUS bag and to get it on sale!!!! Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!
  9. well done, I love it when a genuine bargain comes to light. Enjoy your fab new bag :biggrin:
  10. OMG what a deal! Congrats & please dont forget to post pics!! :nuts:
  11. i soooo envy you!!!! pics please :P
  12. That is an awesome deal! Please, post pics before we all go insane with envy!
  13. Sweet! Congratulations on a great score!
  14. how lucky!
  15. Ooh whiskey edith, that must be a beauty - congrats! :flowers: You got it with a great price! :P
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