I got an awesome VINTAGE bag at PCE today!!

  1. ok so some of you know that I went to Hawaii this past week (yay), well anyway while we were there my DH went crazy buying all kinds of clothes there, mostly surf clothing. Well he started to feel bad cuz I didn't buy anything........so on the last day we were walking by the LV store and he says "is there anything you want in there?". I look at him and give him the look like what a STUPID question. So anywho, we go in there and I get a neverfull pm (all the lv girls love this bag!) which I like - but not super duper in love with (sorta not into the side strap thingies - like why are they there??). Well I get home last night and unpack it and it's missing the clip to close it. I call the HI store and they said to ship it back to them and then they'll ship me a new one but I have to pay to ship it back - NOT! I call my local store this AM to talk to them about exchanging it and the SA is a total biotch about it. I drive 40 mins one way down to the store to go exchange it and again they are *****y about it, so I just returned it and I'm done w/LV!! Their customer service is crappy, I NEVER (only did in Hawaii) get good help there. SO I walk into the Coach store and see my fave SA and this beautiful bag! SO I BOUGHT IT INSTEAD - the bag, hehe!!

    And not only did I get GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE but I also saved about $200 (w/pce discount)! :yes:

    ok now on to the bag..........I got the COACH ERGO VINTAGE LEATHER MAGAZINE TOTE and best of all DH totally loves it ALOT more than the LV!!

  2. Boo at LV's bad customer service. But total THUMBS UP at your awesome new bag, and yeah for saving money!
  3. What a GREAT looking bag!!!! Sorry about your LV problems...I only own ONE LV in denim and she was a gift so I have never dealt w/ the LV SA's personally....you should not have had to deal w/ snotty SA's though! I am soooo happy you wound up w/ this great Coach! Congrats and please post modelling pics when you get the chance!!! Welcome Home from Hawaii..hope you had a ball!!!!!
  4. Love that bag!!! :tup: Congrats!
  5. That is a gorgeous bag!! I would love to see it IRL but none of the stores here have it. I love it!
  6. you guys should see the lining on this bag..............tdf!!
  7. I hate poor customer service. Ridiculous! Glad you are happy now. I love the belted look--I ordered the large belted hobo today & hope I'm happy with it when it arrives!

  8. ok here are some pics:
    v1.jpg v2.jpg v3.jpg v4.jpg
  9. i think you might be my new hero. that bag is beyond luscious! may i ask the item number and how much it cost?
  10. oops! nevermind, sorry i missed the first time that you posted the link ;)
  11. I too have been eyeing the Neverfull, but I already have the Batignolles Horizontal and they're sort of similar. But the bag you ended up with is...WOW!! I adore the whipstitching along the top and handles, and the color is TDF. You made the perfect choice, it is beautiful and looks amazing on you.
  12. Thanks for posting the wonderful pix, what a gorgeous bag! Congrats on a great purchase. Just another bag I need to consider...:drool: for PCE.
  13. Beautiful bag! Congratulations!
  14. WOW - THIS BAG IS GORGEOUS! Now I don't know whether to get the plum or this vintage version. I'm not a big brown person - I wear much more black than brown. So, I don't know.

    Two questions -

    Does the weaving around the handles make this bag a little more casual?

    Do you think the color would work with black? Or would plum be a better choice?

  15. That bag is really beatiful and it looks great on you! Congrats!