I got an anonymous letter in the mail about my dog...

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  1. I really don't know how I am supposed to react to this, but I am so upset, angry and sad.. Long rant ahead...

    Apparently "my neighbors" have an issue with my dog barking. In the letter they claim that my dog barks non stop when she is alone in the back yard, and that we ruined their holiday season for 2 years in a row because our dog was barking while we had guests over. They also say in the letter that they hear our dog barking at night and during the day when the dog is in the back yard.

    part of the letter states: "Last Holiday season, the barking of your dog was heard throughout the day while you were inside with your guests. Then it happened again this season. Well, We had guests too and we would have liked to have enjoyed this holiday season without having to hear your dog constantly barking in the background."

    To my defense, I did have guests over on the Saturday BEFORE Thanksgiving and my dog WAS outside and she did bark for a good 15/30 minutes and it was driving ME nuts so she was let back in.. she is an inside dog. I did not have any guests over in '07 for the Holidays AT ALL.. and we were not home Thanksgiving day or Christmas this past '08 season.. so I really am trying to understand how I disturbed their "holiday season"

    I also do not usually have my dog in the back yard alone.. she is an inside dog and I let her out to do her business and yes, sometimes she barks at people outside our fence.. I NEVER leave her outside at night or while we are away. I know that I am biased on the issue because it's my dog, and I do realize that she does bark some but she is a dog and they bark :confused1: I never thought it was troublesome.. its not like she is barking all night and keeping people awake... I would be more understanding if that was the case.

    The letter is very sarcastic in tone and it really upsets me that someone is mad at me and I don't know who it is.. like when I am outside and I wave at a neighbor I will be thinking " Is it you? are you the one that hates my dog" I have kids too, should I make them be quiet outside? Will I piss people off by having my kids play on their swing set and be kids.. they don't like my dog to be a dog?

    The end of the letter says "please do not let this matter go unattended."

    Or what I am thinking...

    What should I do? I really don't think I have done anything wrong... I hear other people's dogs bark all the time and it never bothered me.. I want to be a nice neighbor but I don't know what they want me to do? I can't even talk to them about it because I don't know who sent the letter!

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    Our dog is an inside dog too. He only goes outside in the backyard to do his business and comes right back inside. I take him for a walk everyday to give him exercise. Your post is a bit confusing because you state your dog was barking for a good 15/30 minutes before she was let back inside before the holiday, but later on state she is an inside dog only let out to do her business. Since you don't know who wrote the letter and can't discuss it with them, I would just bring your dog inside right after she goes so the barking is at a minimum. It sounds like she goes out and stays out for awhile before coming back inside so minimize the time spent outdoors to keep her safe.

    Are there other dogs in your neighborhood these people could be hearing and think it is your dog?
  3. I feel your pain....

    I visit my sister 1time, left my dog in her apartment for 1 hour while we went to buy groceries when we GOT BACK!

    There was a NOTE posted on her door, a neighbor ranting that the dog has been barking non stop etc etc etc. Geez!
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    I know that part might be a little confusing, but normally I only let her out to do her thing.. that day I did put her outside because she was getting very excited with all the people coming in, and she did bark because she wanted back in so I let her in after things settled down inside. This was our Thanksgiving day ( The Saturday before Thanksgiving) and not a normal thing we do. I normally let her out and she is out for maybe 5 minutes at a time to do her business and I take her on walks or play outside with her ( fetch etc) for exercise. I am not saying she never barks because she does, if she sees a cat, or another dog, or a person on the other side of our fence but I never thought that was a big deal because it's not constant or anything.

    I was really floored by the accusation of us bothering their 2 past holiday seasons with barking since we only had that 1 family get together in the 3 years we have lived here. Also, it's January.. the time she was outside barking that I know might have been annoying for the neighbors was in November... Have they just been stewing on it for months?
  5. I forgot to answer this..

    Sure, my next door neighbor has 3 indoor/outdoor dogs.. there are tons of dogs. I walk the neighborhood almost every day and get barked at from 2 to 4 dogs every time, probably because I am walking my own dog. I figure its normal and never really gave it much thought.
  6. Wow, I can not believe that someone would be so mean. I am sure they were just out to being jerks.
  7. The easiest solution to this would be to get some advice from a trainer on how to break your dog of this habit. That way, you can leave her outside for more than a few minutes without the worry of her annoying the neighbours.:smile:
  8. I think people need to be a little more lenient, but it is technically your responsibility to keep your dog from barking. It's difficult and doesn't always make sense (because dogs are dogs and dogs bark) but that's just how it goes.

    Luckily our neighbors are pretty okay with us, so when my doggies go on a barking spree (when they see cats or birds) they'll let it slide.

    Yours didn't have to be so sarcastic or that dramatic (RUINED their holidays? REALLY?), but i think they were just frustrated. They knew how dramatic they were being which was why they left it anonymous.

    good luck with the situation, I hope it has a happy ending!
  9. Rather than being annoyed by the letter you should be grateful for it as a wake-up call. If one neighbor is annoyed with your dogs (and thus you) you can be certain that others are as well.

    We have several dogs and do dog rescue--of hounds whose deep bays and howls can be heard for blocks. The last thing I want to do is to bother my neighbors. When we first moved into this neighborhood I regularly tacked notes on doors telling my neighbors that if my dogs' barking bothered them to please call me. Or if they thought my dog messed in their yard--unlikely because we have a fenced yard, but people do think those sort of things about neighbors' dogs. Because I really truly do want to be a good neighbor. Then I followed up by telling each neighbor this, assuring them that I do not want my dogs to be a neighborhood nuisance, to please tell me if our dogs are driving them to distraction.

    We teach all our dogs the "Quiet" command. And if they start barking or howling in the yard they are brought in the house immediately.

    The barking of a dog really does travel. There are some dogs in our neighborhood who bark half the day and you can hear them blocks away. All the neighbors know which dogs they are and they simmer with annoyance at those particular neighbors.

    I don't want to be a neighbor like that. You don't either I'm sure. Talk to your neighbors about their concerns. Tell them you do want to be a good neighbor. They'll appreciate knowing that their concerns are a concern of yours. Then bring your dog in the house when he barks. And work with a trainer to bring the decibels and frequency down.
  10. If the neighbor who wrote that letter is anonymous, I wouldn't give two poops. You are a good pet parent, and they are a jerk period.
  11. Not that this is in any way comforting....but my dogs are barkers...inside, outside, etc...all the dogs in the neighborhood are too! I think they are all talking to each other. I wish I could stop my girls, however, I read about the breed before we got them and I knew they were vocal. Hey, dogs bark, birds chirp, cats meow, etc....whatever. I know the letter is upsetting and I would feel the same way as you...but I would just disregard it, and knowing me...I would encourage the barking just to piss them off more for being such cowards for not coming to you face to face. (wow, can you tell I have PMS?) HA!
  12. This is great advice. While the neighbor could have sent a nicer note, I would take their words to heart. There really is no reason (other than a stranger is in their territory) that a dog should be barking when placed outside to do his or her business.
    Your dog may be barking if she is not getting enough mental stimulation. Does she get regular walks? Often, that is enough to curb excessive barking.
  13. While I have no solution to your problem I do have to state that I'm disturbed that your neighbor doesn't have the sack to come talk to you face to face about it. They hid behind an unsigned piece of paper. Cowards.

    BigPurseSue has the best answer in my hot sports opinion.
  14. if other neighbors have dogs as well, maybe that person wrote that same letter to everyone around them that they knew had dogs??? do you know your other neighbors that have dogs? maybe go talk to them and see if they got the same letter.

    maybe the person who wrote it doesn't know whose dogs to blame so they're just calling everyone out?:shrugs:
  15. I thought about this and I was actually going to see if they got one too.