I got an Ali!!

  1. Well, I finally took the Ali plunge! I'm excited, but a little nervous!! LOL I"ve never bought Coach off of eBay before. I think I got a good deal too - $250 w/ free shipping for a new white one. Thanks for letting me share - I'm really excited!
  2. I was watching that one because the price was really low for a long time! $250 is a great deal. I believe the outlets had them for $216 (I paid $263 for my whiskey!!). Can't wait to see pictures!!!!
  3. Congrats! I actually bid on that one too, but when I asked the seller what her reserve was, she said $300. I guess it was really $250. You lucked out. It's a GORGEOUS bag! Can't wait to see pics when it arrives!
  4. Wow what a good deal! I was looking for a white one on eBay but couldn't find any under $279 or so. Post pics when you get it!
  5. Great deal! :tup: I recently purchased two Ali's from eBay - $275 including shipping for each one, so you did great. Its a WONDERFUL bag - you will love it. The Ali bag is Coach at its best - the leather is just amazing, structured beautifully, a very substantial bag...and that Legacy lining! You will not be sorry.
  6. Congrats on your Ali! That is a great Bag! Enjoy!
  7. congrats! I have a white ali and I love her! :love: That is a good price because the very lowest they sold for (before Christmas) was $216 + tax, then went back up to $239 + tax.. so by the time the person buys it with tax and adds in paypal and ebay fees, you did good! :tup:
  8. Congrats on winning the Ali. Please post pics when you get her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Congrats. I was watching that one and was going to bid 250 as my maximum but i totally forgot about it. I'm glad a tpf'er got it. It's probably for the best as my husband and I just put an offer on a house today.
  10. Congrats, I hope you love your ali as much as everyone else does. They really are beautiful bags :biggrin: I love mine :biggrin:
  11. Way to go! Congrats! You will love your Ali, I have her in Whiskey and she is a real beauty. Enjoy!
  12. Congratulations! You're gonna love her. I just got my first Ali (black leather) on Friday and I absolutely love it!!! Post pics when she arrives.
  13. ...oooo congrats and welcome to the Ali club!! She is the best lil' workhorse out there...my black leather one helped land me a new job last summer, no joke!!
  14. That is great ! White Ali is gorgeous !
  15. Congrats! I was watching this one for a while as well. It had stayed so low for a good while but I never checked back on it.