I got accepted!

  1. Hey ladies,
    Today was an awesome day for me I got my acceptance letter from USC Law School!! I was so nervous opening the letter, I almost passed out when I saw I was accepted. It took me a long time to actually decide what I want to do in life, but I finally figured it out and cant wait to start! Thanks everyone for letting me share my excitement with you guys.:biggrin: :cool:
  2. Wow! Way to go, Livinluxuriously! That's grrrrrreat news! Good luck to you!
  3. Yay!! Congratulations Lila!! That's awesome :biggrin:
  4. Congrats!!! i'm finishing up my first year of law school right now so feel free to PM me with any questions you might have, or if you just wanna chat :biggrin:
  5. Congratulations! I remember what it was like waiting... USC is a great school, you will love it there (speaking from experience). PM me if you ever need anything!
  6. That's great, congrats! :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
  7. Congratulations
  8. Congratulations! You should be very proud of yourself!!! Law school is a lot of hard work, but a lot of fun too! Feel free to PM me if you have any questions- I graduated in 2000! Good luck!
  9. I have a sorority sister at USC Law! Congratulations!
  10. Congrats! I remember getting my acceptance into med school, I almost threw up when I was opening it! Thankfully, I restrained myself.
  11. Congratulations!!! :biggrin:

    Thanks for sharing the good news - and I hope you're celebrating!
  12. Congrats!!!
  13. Way to go and Congratulations!:lol:

    Whoooshht... another bottle of champers!

    What a clever bunch you gals are!;)
  14. Wow congratulations!! Smart AND stylish...What a combo =)
  15. Congratulations!
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