I got a zucca weekender bag

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  1. I just got an amazing Fendi Zucca bag and I am on cloud nine...This bag is so nice and big I highly recommand. I will definitly post pics of my Fendi in action.

    so who likes the new ZUCCA collection?
  2. what happened to the pics? ;)
  3. pics pics we want pics!!! :graucho:
  4. [​IMG]
  5. Nice; can't wait to see the rest of your collection. :tup:
  6. Very nice! :tup:
  7. looks like you're having fun ;)
    nice bag
  8. awesome bag!!
  9. Cool F Bag! :tup:
  10. that is a nice weekender!Congrats definitely!
  11. I like the Zucca Collection, classic evergreen. I got this exact weekender, look nice but not structured, abit filmsy, no lining though. I have the messenger bag too which i use more often.

  12. ahhh very nice bag
  13. I have this bag too! Is it flimsy? I haven't used mine in ages. Also, did yours come with a drawstring pouch? what do you use it for?!
  14. he got banned, but I got the same bag. its great, but it has to be "stuffed" because with a couple of things, well its not too pretty.
    and yes drawstring pouch with FF logo all over it.
    i use it as luggage sometimes everyday
  15. oh gosh! why was he banned?!

    I meant, what do you use the pouch for? I am thinking maybe a clutch?!
    I feel like the handles on the bag are constructed poorly.

    BTW if you want more structure buy a LV Neverfull baseshaper on the Bay. I use a GM baseshaper (only because I had one) but I am guessing a MM would work PERFECTLY. I just discovered this last night and it brings new life to the bag.