I got a Whiskey Shoulder today... right choice?

  1. :yes: So I found a small classic purse (from the year 2000!) that I never used and still had the gift receipt and decided I wanted the Legacy Shoulder... after calling a few stores which were all sold out, I finally found one with ONE floor model. *bingo* I asked them to hold it, and said I'd come over. I was so happy... but then 5 mins later they called back, and said the bag was in such poor condition, that I could come look at it, but that they wouldn't sell it to me. :cursing: They gave me a few other store #s to try, (San Fran, Alabama) but since I had an old exhange I really needed to find a store close by.

    I kept calling stores in my state, and finally found another with a floor model. As I was asking her to hold it, one of their SA found a new one in the back! They held it for me and I made the HOUR drive down there. It took them a few minutes to verify my old exchange, but they did it very nicely and gracefully. :p

    NOW, here's the deal. I love the bag, and love the color, but mainly wear black shoes... I like colorful clothes, so I like my bags to be neutral. Every fiber of my old brain is saying 'get it in BLACK instead'... but I know I really will love how the Whiskey leather ages and patinas. I already have plenty of black bags, (and even a vaguely similar styled Marc Jacobs Multipocket in Black) and also a big and small white bag for summer use... so I should really keep the Whiskey, right???

    Help! Thanks! :rolleyes:
  2. Yes!! Keep the whiskey- if I feel compelled, I wear a black/white ponytail scarf on my whiskey ali when I am wearing black. You will love it the more you wear it!
  3. 95% of what i wear is black and i carry my whiskey...it's a nice punch of color, imo.
  4. Definitely keep it!!
  5. Yes! Keep it! You worked hard to get the whiskey! Black bags come and go but the whiskey shoulder bag is almost extinct!
  6. I agree with the girls...keep it! You worked hard! I know the feeling!:yahoo:
    Wear it with pride!
  7. Keep the whiskey bag. I have the Legacy whiskey shoulder bag and was
    contemplating exchanging it for the pond one becacause I have the Ali bag
    in Whiskey. But I am going to keep it as it is sold out everywhere and I will
    never find it again. They are going for upwards of $500 on eBay.
  8. Keep it! I just got mine an hour ago too and I am so in love with the color. Also it's the exact color of my hair which I find hilarious. You might not be able to get it again, keep it!
  9. Ahhh... this is bringing me memories of yesterday.. :smile:

    (This is in another thread, but I'll rehash it in as few words as possible.) I ordered the shoulder in pond - received it yesterday... Wasn't sure about the color, size... and whether it was going to stay on my shoulder or keep slipping off.

    You hit on the exact same point that has been sitting in the back of my mind as well... It's very similiar to the MJ multipocket bags - which I love... I have one in black, and thinking of getting another one in blue. But I am hoping the leather on the Coach bag will break in a bit, because it is so stiff it keeps sliding down my shoulder! Anyhow, other members that have it mentioned that it does soften a bit with use and putting it on the furtherest ring on the shoulder strap give a bit longer drop.

    All in all - I say the whiskey is a gorgeous color!!! KEEP it!! I would have considered the shoulder in the whiskey if I didn't already have the Mia in whiskey.... Let us know what you decide! :yes:
  10. Definitely keep the Whiskey. I just got mine this week and I'm in love with it!
  11. I just got one this week too and it was the floor model, a little less than perfect but I love it though.

    Now, I just have to decide if I need the pond too.
  12. Keep it! I almost bought the black for the very same reason but couldn't get over how pretty the whisky is and I am so glad I bought whiskey!!! I just love it and it really does go with almost anything i wear.
  13. KEEP IT! Everyone needs a nice brown purse.
  14. Yes, keep it.

    I know how you feel. I used to have a majority of neutral and black bags so when I purchased a color bag I thought that I wouldn't use it a lot. That's not the case. My wardrobe is mostly dark so when I carry one of my color bags it's a nice splash of color.

    Just like you said, as the bag ages the color will look awesome!

    I vote keep it.
  15. Keep it! Whiskey is such a great color and I may be the oddball here, but I love black and brown together! Congrats!