i got a vintage croc bag :p

  1. the style is nothing special, very simple and classic but i'm kinda in love with the croc :p

    what do u think? i got for less than 40$


  2. Congrats seahorse ... a very classic bag, definitely one you'll be wearing for years to come! Enjoy, it's beautiful!
  3. thanks asl_bebes :smile:
  4. Its beautiful. It looks like a ysl catwalk bag.
  5. wooow I never thought u can gat a croco for just 40 $ !!!!!!!!! even if vintage
  6. yeah, i can't believe i got this deal too :p
  7. it's lovely. congrats
  8. Love vintage :nuts: Love croc :nuts: Love the bag :yes:
  9. It looks beautiful! Model it!
  10. awesome deal! It's wonderful!
  11. It is a beautiful, classic bag!
  12. Just out of curiosity, how is it lined? It looks very nice.
  13. thanks ladies :smile:
    this is how it looks in the inside
  14. Wow!! What a great find! Congrats : )
  15. here's modelling pics, sorry it's dark and blurry.
    the strap can be extended.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]