I got a vacanaze mamma mia!!!

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  1. my brother lives in hawaii and has been trying to find me a mamma mia in vacanaze. it's been hard to find one due to bag only being available in hawaii and guam. he works at the ala moana shopping center and has been checking there but there has been no luck.

    well, he happened to be in a different part of the island and saw a small lesportsac store and he found a mamma mia! it was the last one in the store and possibly the last one on the isnald (as per my brother). i should get it next week. i can't wait! i have been wanting a mamma mia for a while and esp wanted it in this print. yeah little brother!


    PS-i also found a webkinz penguin for my daughter and got an extra one for me. i can't resist a penguin.
  2. I didn't know they had Mama Mias! I thought only Avventuras and Buon Vaggios for that style in Vacanze, no?
  3. Congrat!!!
  4. Mamma Mias, Bellas, and Caramellas were discontinued on the US mainland for all prints starting with Tutti, but were/are available in Hawaii and Guam.

    The Foresta re-release was done for Hawaii only, not Guam.

  5. Pics please! I'm jealous, I think the MM is the perfect sized bag! I got the BV cuz I love the shape.
  6. it is coming in the mail and i will post pics as soon as it arrives.eee! :smile: