I got a Tutti Ciao Ciao too! PIC>>

  1. I found my perfect placement! I wanted Adios at the center bottom on one side, and flying Adios with the Japanese baby at the bottom of the other side. That way, with the flap folded down you can still see Adios on either side.
    Sorry if the bag looks a bit distorted, it's already stuffed with my stuff.
    Truth be told, I wasn't totally sold on this design until I saw a pic of the purple-navy lining. I was worried about getting another white bag dirty (my Adios Star zucca has a few smudges already--time to go get a magic eraser). But the navy color was just beautiful and that pushed me over the edge. I am so glad I did get a tutti after all. :yahoo:
  2. Congrats Pandabear! I'm happy you found your perfect placement. I love the Ciao Ciao. At first I thought it would be to big, but now I think it's my favorite bag!
  3. Hey, that's an interesting quee you have on it :smile:
  4. That qee is designed by Shag. It's my favorite so I actually bought 2, one for display in my qee display case and one for hanging on my bags.
  5. congrats pandabear :tup: i'm glad u got your perfect placement!
  6. Very nice!!!:tup: Love your qee!!!