I got a Truffle PT with GGH !!! >>>

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  1. I came across this lovely truffle PT with GGH and it was love at first sight. Its very thick typical 07 leather and feels soft already which I particularly like.

    The hanging shots are with 2 dumbells in it to speed up the break in process :P After 1 week alone of that plus carrying it daily, it will probably look like these hanging shots when empty since its starting to droop a bit already.

    Will add mod shots in the next day or two!!

    note. The scratch on the front is already fading off with a teeny bit of cream and rubbing - thank goodness :tup:


    I love how warm it is and the brown and gold are perfect together. It goes very well with me colouring wise as well which I like alot.


    The back - I like how the leather is puffy on both sides and lessens toward the middle:

  2. WOW - gorgeous!! did you pick this up to go with your boots?? :P
  3. Gorgeous! I love the color with the ggh. Congrats.
  4. ha!!! well those boots are black and so will go with ANY bag. :graucho:
  5. Congrats Karen.:yahoo: I am glad it got to you safe and sound. It was a long process but you got it girl.:wlae::P
  6. ^^ Thank you Nanaz for everything...!!
  7. The gold hardware looks really good with this colour!:heart:
  8. :hugs::hugs:
  9. It's beautiful! Congrats karenab!
  10. This is just gorgeous... the leather is divine :drool: :drool: "Warm" very accurately describes the effect this color has... really lovely, congrats!
  11. seein yours makes me regret returning mine a while back! Truffle w/ggh in PT is a gorgeous combination and I'm sure you will rock this bbag like all the others! Congrats!!!
  12. Yes - its a softer colour than black (although I'll always have a soft spot for the black ones too).

    Its warm like the sandstone with GGH too - just richer? Thank you for the compliments and from everyone else as well :tup:!
  13. Beautiful!
  14. Gorgeous! Can't wait to see your modeling shots!
  15. Beautiful! Looks like a yummy burnt caramel. :drool: I really shouldn't be looking at GH PTs right now :shocked:. Danger. Danger.:borg: I'm about to get assimilated. Again. :borg1: