I got a tomato Day and City...

  1. sight unseen and now I have to make my decision which one to keep. I want to return one tomorrow and get it over with, but I'm awful at decisions. The leathers are completely different and even the colors are a little different. The Day is very thick, smooshy, a tiny bit shiny, distressed with no veins. The City is thinner leather, very very shiny, kind of crinkly (but not dry) a little bit veiny. I think I'm leaning towards the Day. Just curious which leather do you prefer, I know it's impossible to tell from the pics I just took with flash tonight.
    sept.10 004.jpg

    sept.10 007.jpg
  2. Just from those two photos, I like the Day better.
  3. Day. But I'm a Day girl, generally.
  4. I'd choose the Day, based on your leather description. If you prefer the City style over the Day style, then I'd probably send both back
  5. I vote day. I prefer the distressing on it to the city.
  6. Yeah, I'm thinking I'm going to keep the day. I received the Day first and I was really impressed with the thickness and smooshiness of the leather and then I received the city and it screams "look at my red and shiny bag!" LOL! I know the colors look really off, but they are a true red, not orangish at all.
  7. I prefer the leather of the Day. I love thick & smooshy!!
  8. from a style i prefer city but from what you describe about leather i think day seem to be better ^^
  9. Thanks everyone for your input. You're making my decision so easy :smile:
  10. I like the leather on the day too.... but I'm more a city girl... have yet to try the day... good luck!
  11. I prefer the City style, but I would propably choose the Day based on the leather...great colour!
  12. The day is better to me.
  13. So frustrating how different the leathers can be... I have a tomato day bag and the leather is definitely a bit dry and veiny. Just curious, where did you get yours? It looks amazing!
  14. Another vote for Day here. Not just because of my bias (I also love Cities), but the leather on that one looks much more thick and plump.
  15. the leather on this is simply amazing - the DAY!!!

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