i got a tokidoki shirt.

  1. So I threw away this old shirt recently from an ex-bf... I had kept it all this time because it's soooooooooooo comfortable as a sleep shirt(although I haven't worn it since being with James). I really didn't wanna give it up, but I did...

    ... and a men's tokidoki shirt came in the mail for me today!! My bf bought me the tokidoki star shirt as a new sleep shirt!! When I asked him why he chose that shirt, he said the design was up as a screen saver on the computer for a while so I must like it. Hehe.

    Now I need to find more ex's shirts to throw away! *lmao*
  2. Nice boyfriend :tup:
  3. Haha! How cute and sweet of him! Was it just an out of the blue gift? What character/design is on the shirt?
  4. The saying goes * Out with the old, in with the new!*

  5. awww how sweet!! :biggrin: congrats on your new shirt!!
  6. sweet bf, good taste - looks like he pays attention to detail- SWEET DREAMS TONITE!:love:
  7. The man's a keeper...was I on it?
  8. You sure were adios!:tup:
  9. awww!! that was so sweet of him!! throw more stuff out!!
  10. that's a good idea for dropping "hints!" very sweet of him!
  11. Oh, I didn't drop any hints... I never had any intentions of owning any tokidoki shirts, except maybe the Rocketeer one...
  12. Very nice of him :tup: