I got a Tiger!!!!

  1. OK, so you know I've been wanting a Tiger keychain FOREVER!!!! And lo an behold look what they had in SF today....
    He's my early Valentine's Day present!
    tiger1.jpg tiger2.jpg
  2. omg how cute:heart:
  3. That is SO cute, H!!!! What else did the store-that-has-nothing have??????

    Can't wait 'til next Saturday!!!!
  4. OMG that is too cute! I finally have my snowman one coming.
  5. Oh it's so cute!
  6. Yay!

    That is too, too cute!
  7. aww that is adorable!!! congratsies! :biggrin:
  8. Thanks!!! :yahoo:

    They had....a Kelly Long clutch (black with PH...was a return so DH wasn't into it. :p )
    32cm Ebene Clemence Kelly with PH $5900
    I tried on a blue Chevre MM Constance..pretty! An orange Epsom Trim with gold HW...really liked it!
    They had a red PM lizard Constance and one in black
    A brown Ostrich keycase that I loved... :drool:
    A black trim with P hw
    They said they have tons of Bolides in the back.
    A green/gold pocket square that I don't have yet but I chose the Tiger instead.
    That's all I can remember! :sweatdrop:
    I can't wait until Saturday too!!!!!:yahoo:
  9. Haha CB, I was just going to PM you.
    I saw the Go BEARS in your signature and thought, YAY, another CAL Fan! (Btw, We are playing Stanford in Men's Basketball in 3 minutes..We are going to win). Then I realized it might be the Superbowl you were talking about. I googled Superbowl to see what teams were playing and I was right.
  10. CB, Congrats!!! What a fun gift!!! Looking forward to Friday and Saturday!!!
  11. Aww Louis that's so funny! I'm a Hornet (Sac State alum)! But I'll say go Cal Bears too for you!!! :yahoo:

    Me too SoCal!!! LOL I talked DH's ear off today about how much I can't wait til Friday!!!!
  12. Yupperz! I Can't Wait To Meet Both Of You ^^

    SoCal ~ Thursday night Frat parties...You can re-live your past :smile: :smile: You'll need to show some skin to get in though...A lot like getting a Birkin
  13. I love it! :love:
  14. Can't wait Louis! Thanks Liz!!!
  15. Yeah...in my ancient past Thursday nights were nickel taps and Friday morning classes were history...

    Look forward to meeting you as well!!!

    CB...I see pouchette shopping in your future????