I got a steal!!!

  1. I just got the most AMAZING steal!! Ahhh!!!

    pics following..
  2. :popcorn: Waiting..... hurry with pics.
  3. :popcorn:
  4. I can't wait to see your pictures!!!
  5. such a tease...
  6. :sleepy:
  7. Oh, come on. Hurry.

    You ARE teasing us, aren't you?
  8. ok, maybe she was about to take the pics...
  9. (sorry - technical difficulties .. almost there!)
  10. :popcorn:
  11. :whistle:

  12. :lol::lol::lol:

    Seriously, What is it????
  13. Soo.. one of these I already had (bought recently). The other I just picked up today :biggrin:


    Needless to say, I'll be returning the one I bought first.

  14. And here's a close-up of that price tag:

  15. WHAT!!! OMG that is insaine! I can't believe you got it for $25.00! Where at?