I got a sssppppeeedddyyy!!

  1. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    ^^ That is exactly how I feel!!

    I am a proud owner of a Damier Speedy 30.

    I bought it on Sunday because my birthday is today. I waited ages to own one and this month I thought "I'm getting my speedy"

    I bought it from Harrods, in London. Unfortunately they don't have boxes there but they did the two bags thing. The SAs were OK there.

    I was like a kid when I got home, I took it out, unfolded it, folded it back. I even put my face in it to smell it. :drool:

    I noticed the side says Made in France and I found the code, sp3007, (March 2007??)

    At first, I though there was no D-ring, but it was on the other side, hehe! :rolleyes:

    I took it out for a debut today, I got a couple of double takes and one 'look aty the bag then look at me'. I was dressed all casual, with dark jeans and a hoodie jacket but it felt cool, as if the speedy pulled it all together. That's partly why I like the Damier, it's not as recognisable.

    I have pics but my phone line needs to be repaired :crybaby:so I'll post them as soon as I can get a PC with a memory card reader.

    I have a my champs-elysee bandeau to dress it up right now. I'll buy a vernis cles sometime before christmas.

    my first LV bag, and first non-outlet brand-new designer bag. Yay me!! :yahoo:

    (P.S. I also got Hermes Vert Orange cologne :graucho:)
  2. Congrats!!!
    I love the Damier Speedy 30 , it's a great bag!
  3. Congrats, you're going to love that bag!!! :smile:
  4. Congrats!!!!! YeAy!! I felt the same way when I first got my monogram speedy! It was like the sun shined brighter that day! =)
  5. Congrats, love my Damier 30 speedy! =)

  6. Congrats! Happy bday!
  7. Congratulations, you are going to LoVe your Damier speedy! That is such a smart and stylish handbag, you'll get years of use out of it!
  8. Congrats! It's a beautiful bag!
  9. congratulations!!!!!!! the damier 30 will be my first high-end piece ever as well, hearing your story just makes me more excited/look forward to my soon-to-be purchase. we'll be damier twins! :biggrin:

    enjoy your gorgeous new bag, and can't wait to see some modelling pics!
  10. Congrats!! It's a great bag.
  11. Happy Birthday!! and congrats to you :wlae:
  12. Congrats, what a classic! Happy Birthday!
  13. congrats and happy birthday!!!
  14. Congrats!
  15. congrats!!!