I got a SPEEEEDY!!

  1. After a year of debating and lusting over a mono speedy, I finally made my way to the LV store today. I changed my mind last minute and got the DAMIER speedy 30. :yahoo:OMG, I am in LOVE!!! :heart: I used to not like the damier print but now I love it!!! I can't stop smelling the inside and admiring the beautiful red interior!

    Anyhow, my question for you speedy owners is: I asked for a new bag and my SA said ok. He boxed it up and when I got home, I took it out and noticed that the lock and key were already on the bag. The lock felt sticky..like gross tools that have been sitting in the garage. The upside down portion of the lock isn't shiny.

    Maybe I'm being too picky??:confused1:
  2. Congrats!
  3. Congratulations on your new purchase!!!:tup:
  4. congratualtions on your bag!! you'l love it.

    However, the padlock should be immaculate - mine was. take it back and and ask for a ncie shiny one.:yes:
  5. yay!! thanks everyone for your comments. now i know why people have the 'speedy love' ;)

    miss thing-thanks for your advice..i am going to get a nice shiny one tomorrow.
  6. congrats!

    i just bought a speedy 30 in damier yesterday =)

    my padlock was on the bag, too, but mine just looked fine and wasn't greesy or anything... u should def go back there and get a new shiny one!!! you paid for it!!!
  7. ok now im worried that my bag may be 'used'..i hate when im not the first to touch it. hehe.
  8. mhm congrats!
  9. congrats!
  10. Congrats!!!! If you're not happy with the condition, or feel it may be used....take it back and inspect the new one before you leave!!!! You deserve a shiny new LV!!!! :smile:
  11. Exchange it!! They'll be fine with it.
  12. congrats! It's going to me by next purchase! I can't wait!
    definitely take yours back for a new one!
  13. Congrats on the new Speedy !!!
    I totally agree with everyone here......give your SA a call and let him/her know about the lock and one will be waiting for you when you return it !!
  14. congrats!! i just bought myself a neverfull PM yesterday!! too bad (or maybe its a good thing) the neverfull doesnt come w/ a lock :p i'm sure they'll be willing to exchange it for you :] good luck!
  15. Yay, congrats!! Damier is absolutely gorgeous, timeless, seasonless, weatherproof...what more could a girl want??