I got a sneak peak at the Fall '07 spies

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  1. The SA at Bloomingdales was kind enough to allow me to browse through the fall 2007 book. I saw a couple of new spies... two were heavily beaded with patent accents. Another one (that I fell in love with) had strips of different colored nappa leather in warm brown-orange-tan tones, and the braided handle was braided with the different colors. It was so pretty! And the retail wasn't bad at all: $2190!
  2. Wow! That sounds TDF :drool: I can't wait to see! There seems to be so much patent for f/w 2007. Thanks for posting and sharing!
  3. ^^ off topic but I :heart: your little doggie! And your spy is lovely too.
  4. I think that multicolor you saw must be the regular size version of a baby spy they were taking pre-orders for at saks.com. I'd like to see it in person.
  5. crappy! i just bought my first fendi spy bag today! its the chocolate color and a fresh one will be sent to my home. i love it but now the striped brown sounds even nicer... i wonder when it will be up for sale???
  6. here's what the baby version looks like. i'm sure you can always return yours if you prefer this style

  7. Yes, Lit, it was just like that, only the larger spy. So pretty!

    The saleslady said the bags would be in sometime in July.
  8. Wow...
  9. I am not sure at all about the colours on this baby spy, it will be interesting to see the general spy in these colours but think having all those colours on one bag is a bit much. Why they could not have bought out a completely different colour I do not know.
  10. I still have my fingers crossed that they are going to come out with another great seasonal color, not just this brown version. A red, pink, or yellow could be really great!
  11. Sounds very interesting..........