I got a smokey, stinky bag!

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  1. So I won a black MC pochette off of ebay at a fair price. It was adverstised as "new, never used". I took a chance and pretty much assumed that it wasn't new, but gently used a few times. I specifically asked it it smelled like smoke, perfume, or moth balls and the reply was no, just smells like new. So I get it and it definately smells smokey. I'm trying to air it now and am contemplating some of the othe techniques I've read on here.

    I wonder though if anyone has actually had the lining replaced on a smokey bag. Will that get rid of the smell? I wonder if the canvas has absorbed the smokey smell though and the new lining would just stink after awhile.

    I've sent the seller two messages with different options (return, partial refund for new lining), but have not heard back yet.
  2. you should put a tumble drier sheet in and maybe use febreeze and leave it to air out. Sorry you had a bad experience :sad:
  3. Not sure if this will work for cigarette smell, but I know Arm & Hammer has baking soda in box with dual screens for fridge/freezer. Maybe it's worth a try - not sprinkling baking soda in your bag, but placing the whole box in it. Just a thought.
  4. I'd return it, if you can.
    I detest that smell, and nothing will really eliminate it 100%.
    Good luck.
  5. Soak it with febreeze and leave it where it can air out. Irene here do that with her Graf speedy and it worked.
  6. I hate cigarette smell!

    Return it if possible. If you can't try what the ladies here suggested. Also, LMB have "smoke candies" (not sure what's called axactly). You can put them inside your purse to eliminate the smell.
  7. spray it with some perfume...then maybe blow dry it? lol
  8. I put the shelf in the dryer (it is made for drying sweaters and shoes) and I put like 5 dryer sheets in and let them blow around for as long as it takes. Keep the heat LOW!!!!!!!!! Check it every so often, it will go away!
  9. Just stick some dryer sheets in it and let it be for a few days. Smoke smells go away, its the perfume ones that haunt you forever.
  10. Smoke will come out after a while. I had a moth ball bag once, that never left!
  11. several years ago, i purchased a bag from ebay, it was lovely from the photos...and most definitely authentic.

    i waited for the UPS man, and he got out of the truck with a strange look on his face, the box smelled like a GIANT ASHTRAY. The box smelled so bad, I couldn't believe it.

    So, I opened it...and found a lovely, STINKY bag. It must have been next to an ashtray 24-7. I figured maybe she worked in a nightclub or something.

    It was back when Money Orders were the norm, so she offered to take it back...but I didn't trust I would see my money again, so I embarked on a smell-eradication campaign.

    We couldn't keep it in the house, it was horrible. I put it in the garage, even my husband complained about that. I purchased numerous chemical solutions, used Febreeze, baking soda, everything.

    Finally, I just gave up on it and decided to "age" it. So I waited, and waited, and waited. I finally took it out for a test run, I couldn't handle it. It never got rid of the smell. So 3 years later I sold it on Ebay, I was truthful about the cigarette smell...and someone bought it.

    I hated that bag. It never got better.
  12. I have put a box of Arm & Hammer Fridge version in the bag for a few days and that worked. It was a smoke smell issue.