I got a smelly bag!!!

  1. I just received a "new without tags" Luella Giselle. However, it smells like stale cigarettes, there is no dust bag (was promised one), some parts of the lining of the bag are faded, the edges of the top inside of the bag looks dirty/worn, her measurements on the bag were off by 2", I thought I was getting a bigger bag. Not that this matters but she sent it in a used banged up Uggs box. I should've known better as this was her first auction as a seller. I really really don't want this bag, I wouldn't even buy it for $20 let alone the $130 I paid. I've contacted the seller, if she never gets back to me what should I do? Contact paypal? TIA!
  2. Give her a day, or two, to respond and if she doesn't (or if she refuses a refund), file a dispute with Paypal, listing everything you've said here, what the auction stated and any correspondence between you and the seller.

    Don't send the bag back until you have your refund and/or until Paypal tell you to do so (if you escalate to a claim).

    BTW, I don't think the Uggs box will be particularly relevant; a lot of sellers send valuable things in envelopes and bin bags! :wtf:
  3. Yup - file an "item not as described" complaint if she refuses to offer a refund. I've been stung with a smoky purse in the past (took me months of Febreze, fabric softener sheets, and kitty litter to get the smell out) so now I always ask sellers if they come from a non-smoking environment prior to bidding. Good luck!!
  4. Well, already the smoke smell would be a dealbreaker for me, not to mention those other problems. I say keep going with your return process.
  5. That is abhorent!!!! How awful for you!!!! Shopping on eBay becomes harder and harder with dishonest people like that around.
  6. :tdown:
  7. I purchased a balenciaga bag on eBay, seller stated mint condition. The second I opened the box a really strong odor came out. I have been trying to get rid of the smell for over a week now, bag still stinks. If possible you should try and get a refund.
  8. Thank you for all your sound advice! I've got great news the buyer apologized and said she would refund me the cost of bag plus shipping. If anyone has done a return, do you send the item and wait for the seller to refund you? I feel I should do that since she's being so apologetic. Or should I ask her to refund my paypal acct first then send out the bag? Yes, I've learned my lesson always be sure to ask the seller if there is a smoker in the house.
  9. JMO
    I would open a dispute in Paypal for your protection and the sellers. Indicate that the seller has agreed to provide a refund and include the tracking information for the return. (be sure to use signature confirmation/ins) - You can close the dispute once she has the bag and refunds you. You can always CALL Paypal and ask what you should do. In most cases they suggest that you do not return the item until they instruct you to. Like I said though I personally would open a dispute for protection so there is documentation of the agreement to accept the return and refund. JMO
  10. ohh ya that sucks definetly wait for the seller, similar situation happened with me and although she was reluctant she did end up giving it to me!