I Got A Skull Charm!!!!!

  1. And it's all due to an amazing, WONDERFUL pfer- Tikilove81. I don't know how she was able to find one, but her store had ONE left. She had read my thread on my search for a skull charm.

    She used her PCE card and Coach sent it to me today!!!! I ended up missing the Fed Ex guy b/c I was at the gym. When I came home and saw the notice, I was so upset but I called them and asked if they could try again. She said someone would call me back within the hour. No one called :wtf:

    However, he did stop by. And now I have it!!!

    Tikilove81- THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!! I will pass it forward and hope to be able to do something like this for a fellow pfer. You are such a NICE person!!! :tup:

    Thank you guys so much, especially since I am not a frequent poster on the Coach forum. You all ROCK!!!

  2. OOOO I'm so so jealous!!!!! I want a Skull Charm so badly! I have a obsession with Pirates of the Caribbean and that skull charm fits me perfectly!!!! I'll find one eventually, LOL!

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! What a wonderful TPFer! I have met a few of those myself, one wonderful enough to send me a PCE card!
  3. that is so awesome!!

    Glad you got your lusted after charm, and how sweet of tikilove to do that for you! Another testament to what lovely ladies we have here on the forum! :smile: I am so proud to be a member!!
  4. How totally COOL!!!! :tup:
    I am however jealous cuz I want one too!!:yes:
  5. how nice. that charm is tdf. glad you got one!
  6. That is great! I'm glad you got one because the Skull charm rocks!!! :rochard:
  7. Aww, this forum warms my heart! Congrats on the skull charm!
  8. Congrats on the super cool Skull charm! Now it is not just a cute charm, but a sign of kindness!
  9. very cool!! i :heart: tPF and everyone here
  10. Congrats! & Now everytime you use it, you will be even happier, knowing it came because of someone on tPF! you guys really do rock! :rochard:
  11. awesome that you found one! I called the 888 number today to try to find one for my friend (since she loves mine) and they said it was discontinued and that a store in Boston shows one left in inventory. Of course when I called them, the guy kinda laughed and said he hadn't seen one in stock in months! OH well!
  12. oh if anyone wants to try to find one (good luck), the item # is 94055
  13. How wonderful!:tup:

    There were none at my boutique today.:nogood:
  14. How nice!! I'm glad you got your charm in such a memorable way! (Post a pic on your bag, please :smile: that is such a cute charm! sorry to be pushy!!)