I got a Sandstone Work with GH and love it!!!! >>>>

  1. This is my first ever WORK bag from Balenciaga and I love it. I was worried that it would be too big on me but its just right :tup:

    I got one that's nicely distressed with that quilt-like 'bubble' effect on the leather that I love (plus its nice and shiny with that nice glazed surface).

    I have always thought that sandstone with gold GH is one of the prettiest colour combinations made thus far. Its like carrying a slouchy golden bag!!

    Its a great neutral that I can wear now with dresses and in the fall/winter against dark wool coats and tall boots:okay:

    I took some pics on me as well to see an idea of sizing.

    Me likey, especially for my skintone :graucho::yahoo:

    This is my 2nd GH bag (my first is in my avatar). (I had the anthracity with GH but sold it and much prefer this SS work instead).
    DSC04025.jpg DSC04026.jpg DSC04043.jpg DSC04059.jpg DSC04053.jpg
  2. It's so gorgeous on you! You're right, it looks great with your skintone..........you look beautiful as always! :woohoo:
  3. Here's another pic that sums up the bag nicely I think :tup:

    sorry I don't know how to enlarge...
  4. Here you go.......

  5. Thanks Cracker for the enlarging and for the compliment.

    I definitely think I did the right thing (for me) in picking SS over Anthra. Although Anthra is up there in my top 3 gold GH colour combinations.
  6. OMG its absolutely gorgeous!!!
  7. wow! congratulations! what a beauty!!!
  8. it's really a great compliment to ur skin tone...congrats :smile:
  9. Gorgeous! Thanks for posting modeling pics- I'm about the same frame and now I can imagine myself with a Work.Karenab- Sandstone looks amazing on you:tup:
  10. It's beautiful and you wear it so well. Thanks for sharing!
  11. wow wow wow this looks so good on you!
  12. I love how your posts are always like fashion shows! Love the bag, love the dress!
  13. Aaaaaaaaa! So hot! SO HOT!!!!:wtf:
  14. :roflmfao: Fashion show?!! Thx though, I love this work:yes:
  15. It glows, right? That's how I feel about my PT. :tup: