I got a RED coin purse today!!! I love it but I'm not sure which RED I got! Help! :)

  1. So I went to Barneys today and they had three coin purses in stock. Black, White and a Red. So I grabbed the Red and bought it. I absolutely ADORE it! The thing is, I have no clue which Red I got and you can forget finding out from a SA there. I really wanted the Tomato color but they had a wallet there that I think was Tomato. Doesn't that color have more Orange in it? My coin purse is a bit more Cherry Red.

    Can anyone help me figure out which Red I got? It's from F/W cuz the card inside says 2007 3 130783 D940T 210 PORTE-MONNAIE.

    I love it though sooo much! :yahoo:

  2. What a cute little thing that is!!!! I love it!!!!

    I think I have the Tomato first, but my bag is not an orange based red, it's more red/red....like fire engine red (which to me is a slightly blue red).

    Whatever color you have, it's gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Can you tell me what your card inside says? The red on mine is a fire engine red. It's hard to tell from photos.
  4. Sure, my card reads:

  5. What a cute little thing!! :heart: It looks like tomato. :yes: I haven't seen it yet IRL, but from the pics I've seen here, tomato looks like a deep, cherry red - not orangey at all...Congrats!! :yahoo:
  6. Yeah I just looked on another thread on here and I think it is the Tomato because the French name for it is Rouge and the SA said it was coming up as Rouge in the computer! YAY! :lol:
  7. I agree cate, it looks like tomato. It's gorgeous!
  8. Looks like Tomato...too cute, StarBrite!:girlsigh: I want one too:greengrin:!!!
  9. It is just a little cutie!!!!! I adore red!!!!! So glad to see you got something to tide you over until you get your brief or day!
  10. Thanks you guys!!! :smile: I just thought of something though. Why does my card read PORTE-MONNAIE? I thought that was the name for the discontinued small coin purse. Hmmm!!!! I'm confused. :confused1:
  11. Great leather and gorgeous color!! Congrats!!!!!
  12. really beautiful! i just got a money in this color thanks to your pictures!
  13. ^ Oh nice! Where did you roder the Money from?
  14. ^i reserved it from a pf member/eBay seller. she's supposed to get it this coming friday!
  15. that's a great red! congrats on your new purchase :smile: