I got a PRESENT!!!!

  1. This adorable woman at work gave me a present today!

    Its a Coach Agenda! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    So is SOOO sweet. We both share a love of handbags and she decided that since she wasnt using it she wanted me to have it (I believe that it was originally her daughter's). :love: OMG I LOVE her. It is the brown signature print with the tan (untreated) leather. Its well loved (so we are going to be doing some hard core moisterizing tonight!). I forgot my cell phone this morning so I cant take pics...but I will try to get some uploaded tonight!

    This made my day! Some people are so sweet! :girlsigh:
  2. wow what a nice gesture! That would make my day too!!!!
  3. Congrats...You have to post pictures. I won't be on tomorrow (unless I get on first thing in the morning) b/c I'm leaving for vacation but hopefully I'll get to see it before then. Thanks for sharing...
  4. Congrats! That's a very nice coworker.
  5. Thanks PittsburghGal, Pursefanatic85, and elongreach! :flowers:

    Enjoy your trip Pursefanatic85! :supacool:
  6. Congrats!!! That's really nice of her :girlsigh: and what a way to end the week!
  7. Thank you Lee69....TGIF! :flowers: :yahoo:
  8. awww, yay! how sweet! :yes:
  9. awesome! i cant live without my coach agenda. cant wait for picts!!
  10. Thank you anotheremptysky and aartie! :flowers:

    I really wanted to start filling in the address/phone book but I left my cellphone/pda at home! :Push:

    Now all I can do is fondle it while I sit here in front of the computer. :tender: 3pm can not come soon enough!!

    Its pretty big (8.5x6 I believe) though so I dont think it will fit in alot of my Coach bags. :crybaby: I have been in a large bag mood lately though so I should still be able to carry it around. I have a small LV mono agenda that I use for a calendar and diary. Any suggestions on what to use the Coach one for? It has the address/phone list in there so I will definitely will fill that in and it has a blank pad of paper (both Coach :wlae: ). What other filler should I get? Or is that enough? It feels kinda empty...
  11. that's so sweet. And your so excited, she must have really been happy to see how excited you were.
  12. YAY!! What a sweet coworker!! Congrats Lisa!! I can't wait to see it! :yahoo:
  13. Thank you Alvie and Sparkles! :flowers:
  14. That is so sweet! You're very lucky
  15. Aww...that was sooo incredibly sweet of your co-worker!!!

    I have eyeing a Coach agenda, but I want to make sure that I will actually use it for more than a week. :lol: