I got a present, I got a present ...

  1. I got a present from my DH and beautiful kids!:yahoo: :yahoo:
    The second pic kinda gives it away:yes: ... hint, it's an oldie but a goodie!
    DSC_0174.JPG DSC_0177.JPG
  2. I cant tell! reveal!!
  3. Ooooo...I am anxiously waiting!!
  4. was that a medallion ?? 'coz i saw some reflection through the dustbag on the 2nd pic !
  5. Looks like a Medallion ... Congrats!
  6. pinkpiano - Very good observation!

    Here's my new baby!:heart: It's my very first Chanel piece in caviar leather ... hopefully the first of many more to come!:graucho:
    DSC_0178.JPG DSC_0179.JPG DSC_0187.JPG DSC_0181.JPG
  7. nice!! congratz!!
  8. That's very kind of your family :biggrin: It's a delicious Chanel!
  9. Congrats and lucky you to get a Chanel bag.
  10. Wow, what a great gift, that's gorgeous!!

    Happy Mother's Day!! :yahoo:
  11. congrats!
  12. GORGEOUS!!!!!! happy mother's day to you!!
  13. How wonderful!!! Congrats to you! Happy Mother's Day!
  14. Very nice gift!
  15. What a perfect Mothers Day gift - how sweet of them.