I got a present from Fed-Ex today!

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  1. Balck Basketweave MAB[​IMG]





    No words...:love:
  2. Congrats! I LOVE THIS BAG!!!!!!!! I got mine today too. :love: :love: :love:
  3. Yay you finally got it!!

    Congrats! Love this bag.
  4. Beautiful!!! I Can't Wait For Mine To Arrive!!
  5. congrats DEE! You bag is gorgeous!
  6. Seeing yours and Gung's has changed my mind...I was originally going to cancel my FLL order but now I think the new one is more practical. It's beautiful! Congrats!
  7. Congrats, she is a beauty!

    Okay, I know that I was a bit iffy about the new leather, hardware, zipper etc. But more pictures are being posted and I think that it might be growing on me now...

    Also, do you think that this bag can be dressed with a casual outfit like T-Shirt and Jeans?
  8. Thanks ladies! :flowers:

    I lurve it! Too bad it's raining all weekend here... But I will definitely be wearing this out at my business conference. It's perfect as GUNG previously stated!

    To all the girls who were unsure about the baggie, just give it a chance... It's such a classic! The hardware is almost silverlike with a sheen of gold. Not like the hardware on my Tangy Mama at all.

    Smooshy - Absolutely. No doubt. It's perfect for work, and can easily be switched for a night out at the movies or dinner and drinks.

    It really is such a versatile bag!!! :tup: :yes:
  9. ^^OMG I LOVE YOUR SIGNATURE! SB white chocolate Mocha is my fave drink too!

    Great mind's think alike Dee! :hugs:
  10. :drinkup: Dude... it must be because we're cancers or something! :P LMAO.... Or we just might be twins!!! :rochard:
  11. Congrats! Love your bag!!! :smile:
  12. Great bag! congrats!
  13. Thanks for the pictures Dee! Mine is on the way! After seeing ur pics i think i will keep this bag.. It's really growing on me.. Congrats on ur new RM!
  14. :yahoo:I am so loving this bag! IMO, it really is the PERFECT MAM!
  15. Question! What color is the zipper? :smile: