I got a POLLY!!!!

  1. I went shopping Saturday and stopped in the LV store, looked around for a bit and left without a purchase. Went back Sunday after I thought about it all Saturday night:nuts: , and went back to look when I had more time to myself and to get a better look. I looked at several bags, really liked some that I didn't think I would have, but in person they were TDF!!! I wanted a shoulder bag that I could shop with very easily. I bought a mono strap for my speedy (for those just in case times). And then I saw it...a polly!!! I asked about it and Jonathan got one out for me! It was TDP!!! It is big but very nice! I love the leather on it. I hope that it wears as comfy shopping all day as it does now. I can put it on my shoulder or carry it on my arm because of the strap, or in my hand. I will post pictures as soon as I can but it will be a bit. It is truely a beautiful purse!!!:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  2. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see pics of your new Polly!
  3. Yeah! Good for you! Please post pics when you can!:yahoo:
  4. :nuts: :heart:sssssss the polly!!! so happy fer you!!!
  5. Wow................congrats, can't wait for the pix!
  6. Forgot to say that I got the embossed polly (brown/black).
  7. Didn't know you could buy a strap for speedies... that's makes a big difference to me... thanks for mentioning that...
  8. Congrats on the Polly too! Can't wait to see...
  9. I love the Polly!
  10. wow..aren't there like a million tPFers wanting this?

    post pics!!! :hysteric:

  11. Congrats!!!!
  12. Congrats :biggrin: can't wait for pics!
  13. The strap, I think, goes on the alma...or some of the other smaller bags, but as I was in the store a lady had it on her speedy 25, and looked great!! Jonathan showed it to me on a speedy 30 to see how I would like it.....and I LIKEY!!!:yes: I wouldn't use the strap all the time, but it will be great for those shopping trips when I have to have my hands free!!!

    I am going to go get my son from school, and hopefully will be able to post a picture when I get back.....I will be at work so excuse the background!!! Back soon.....
  14. can't wait for your modeling pix!!
  15. :wtf::nuts: I WANT THAT!!! :crybaby: