I got a Penelope Capacity Wristlet for a GREAT deal!

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  1. #1 Jan 11, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2009
    I am so psyched! I have never been on the winning side of an auction where I felt that I really scored an awesome deal on something that I really wanted badly...but this time I did!!!!:yahoo:

    Presenting the blue patent Penelope Capacity Wristlet, retail $138 + tax...
    ...and I got her for $66!!!!! Add a little for shipping & insurance and it came to around $75. But I still felt like it was a nice grab, since I almost bought her at full price when I was back home in the Twin Cities over Christmas!

    Pics borrowed from yes, the E*Bay...I would've preferred one on Bonanzle but I couldn't say no to this one.:shrugs:

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  2. Nicely done!! It's beautiful!
  3. Awesome deal! Congrats! And I love that blue color. Very nice.
  4. That's a pretty shade of blue. Plus the lining is nice too!
  5. Wow, what a great find, its gorgeous, congrats!
  6. Thanks guys! When I saw this one IRL, I was amazed at how big it really seems-I could easily use this one as a clutch, and I typically don't use wristlets too often for that kind of thing. But I think that it will be perfect for spring, inside of my parchment Julianne with the sunny yellow lining...ah spring...it will come back soon, right?:wondering
  7. Great price and it's so CUTE! Congrats!
  8. haha... spring never comes soon enough NorthStar!:sad:
  9. Awesome score! I've yet to check these out IRL and now I'm thinking I may need one ;)
  10. bagap...they are very pretty IRL, and much bigger than I thought they were when looking at them online before...the pics really do not do them much justice...and yes you just may need one!:P

    CoachGirl12...you are soooo right. I have shoveled so much snow in the last three days that I can't stand it anymore! And now we are under the ANOTHER frickin' Winter Storm Watch, with lake effect snow to follow-Sheesh.
  11. That is a very cute wristlet. I have been on a capacity wristlet hunt myself, just have not found the right deal.
  12. :woohoo:that is a really good deal! Way to go! I like that shade of blue, definitely makes me think of Spring.
  13. Congrats! That is very cute and I love the color.
  14. Where did u find it for $66! You guys are soooo good @ finding the best deals!!!!!

    Congrats, she's a beauty!:heart:
  15. great deal!! I have one in black leather and loooove it!