I got a pair of Dior sunnies!

  1. I was in town having a look around and i got a pair of sunnies! Dior Overshine 2. They are black with white logo. just like the pic. I know there pretty full on but i love them!:love:
  2. I never really liked Dior sunglasses (I prefer Chanel) but I love this one! I like oversized sunglasses! I saw Paris Hilton with the same pair! Good choice!
  3. Thanks! I love chanel sunnies to.
  4. Cute! You should post a pic!!!
  5. Those are nice! I was this close to buying the white ones with the purple Dior lettering, but NM only had the darn display!!!! :sad: I'd have gotten it from Dior, but NM has a better sunglass breaking warranty.
  6. I just bought these in black today!! Soooo cute I love em!

  7. Very cute sunnies.. I love them.
  8. very nice!
  9. love them!
  10. They are fabulous!;)
  11. Thank you! I am going to debut them tommorow! :smile:

  12. congrats! i love this pair. i'm thinking about getting the brown ones.
  13. OMG so gorgeous! I want some! (as if I didn't JUST receive some Dior sunnies from a wonderful PF member....)
  14. I have about 5 pairs now....I need to get rid of some!!
  15. Very cute! ;)

    You should post a pic of you wearing them!