I Got a package today!!

  1. I am new here but I thought I would share! My sister lives near the outlet in Roundrock and she picked up a few things for me and shipped them here! I am so excited.

    The first is an 07 (I think) Legacy Shoulder bag in Raisin and the second is a Legacy Framed French wallet in clay. The bag was only 159.00 and the wallet was 35.00:yahoo:
  2. I love the bag and wallet - great deals!!!
  3. Please post some modeling pics - I am very interested in the bag but would like to see how it "fits"
  4. Wow!!! They are GORGEOUS!!! You got a great deal too!!! Enjoy!!!
  5. I love the color!! and you got a great deal congrats :smile:
  6. WOW! Gorgeous items! And I can't believe you got that wallet for 35.00!!! Why don't I ever get deals like that? lol!
  7. Welcome to tpf :flowers:

    Congrats on your new stuff! I have the same bag in whiskey and I LOVE it!

    Enjoy :tup:
  8. Wow!!! what an amazing deal! Congrats
  9. WOAH!!!! Holy &^%$ You got some GREAT deals!!! $35 for the wallet?? I can't wait to go to the outlets on March 1st!!!! My Best Friend that is getting married at the end of the month is getting married in AUSTIN!!!! So I plan on hitting both outlets on the way back home!
  10. omg what deals!! congrats!
  11. ooooh You're making me want to make the 3 hour trip from Dallas to Round Rock/San Marcos REAL bad! :smile: I love both your pieces, I am SO in love with the Legacy line. The Raisin color is gorgeous...that bag has been on my Coach.com wishlist for a while. Welcome to tPF!
  12. I am flying down to see my sister and we are going to the outlets in Roundrock on the 29th and San Marcos on the 1st! I hope I find some more good deals! The wallet was crazy. I could not believe it. My sister bought 3 (that's all they would let her).
  13. Wow, those deals... I'm speechless!! Now I really wish I lived near an outlet!! Love the bag and wallet... congrats!!
  14. I so want that bag. I love it.
  15. Wow wow wow! I have never had that kind of luck at the RR outlet! Good job!