I got a new ZC, I didn't break my purse ban though!

  1. I got a new ZC in Bordeaux. I admit, I got caught up in the Shopbop frenzy. But, I convinced my parents to pay for it (an xmas/birthday present). I must say, it is a great color. So yay for my first ZC.
  2. Great choice!!! Even better that your parents paid for it :yahoo:
  3. wooohooooo!!! i have this zc in bordeaux too and it's just an awesome color and is so nice organizational wise.
  4. does this mean you were able to get the bordeaux ZC on sale at Shopbop? that extra 30% would be great!
  5. I got it at shopbop during the sale and an extra 2% through ******. The packaging is so nice.
  6. Ooh a zip clutch is always nice! Congrats on your awesome present!
  7. Congrats! You can't go wrong w/a ZC.
  8. Good job - way to scam the system on your ban! :tup:

    Can't wait to see pics.
  9. What a great choice for your first ZC! Congrats!!

    Happy (early) Birthday! :party:
  10. Yay!! I know you've been drooling over ZC's lately so I'm so happy you're getting one. You will love Bordeaux color I'm sure. Congrats!!! Happy Birthday too!!!:yahoo::wlae:
  11. Here are 2 pics of the zc. The color is pretty accurate. Love that constrast stitching. (ZC is sitting on my wedding shoes!)

  12. Love, love, love it!! Great pic of it sitting on top of your shoes. :love: :tup:
  13. Your ZC is soooo beautiful!!! And so are the shoes, btw :smile:
  14. Thanks everyone. I haven't used this pretty thing yet, I'm still trying to decide if I just want to use it as a clutch for when I go out or for everyday. Maybe that's why a bunch you gals have more than one..lol.
  15. use it for everyday!! you won't regret it, anne! heehee...i'm so happy you got one withOUT breaking your ban. :yahoo: i've been using my ZC and i can't imagine not using it now, since i absolutely LOVE the top zipper design. i no longer have to open up my clutch fully just to get money/CC out of it. and the front pockets hold my change really well. makes things nice and organized. it's great! :yes:

    btw, cute shoes! :p