I got a new wallet and it's purple

  1. Look what I bought in Dubai!! It's such an amazing wallet.. I was going to buy a LV zippy wallet but then I saw this and loved it.. Much better than LV and the color is amazing.. What is US $ retail for this? And what about the GH city? Because I think their prices are much higher, but I want to be sure first..Because if it's the same, I will buy the violet city with GSH from there.. They have 3 left..


  2. Congrats! it retailes for $525 i believe. I have the same wallet without GH and i love it! =D
  3. congrats!
  4. Gorgeous!! I saw the sgh ocean one in Paris and almost bought it, but I was afraid of scratches because of the sgh.
  5. Congrats - it's sooo pretty !
  6. its lovely! :smile:
  7. I LOVE IT! The color is really fantastic!
  8. That's so HOT!!!!!!!!!!! :love::love::love: Beautiful!!!!!!!!! :love::love::love:
  9. :nuts: CONGRATS~ This is so beautiful!!! It looks really good with the SGH... :tup:
  10. the violet w/sgh looks HOT....as always!! i think the city sgh retails for 1595. congrats!!
  11. congrats!
  12. SGH looks so great with Violet !!!
    Congrats on your new Wallet !
  13. Bal Dubai is SO MUCH more expensive than US/Europe :crybaby:
  14. cOngrats on ur new wallet!!:tup: I wonder if theres significant weight difference w/ the GH wallets and the RH wallets.
  15. cool! congrats!