I got a new TOKI item today............YAY!

  1. So I went shopping today to try to find my ROAK buddy a gift and made a stop at JapanLA and picked up this super cute sweatshirt (the one hanging in the back w/Sandy, Bastardino & Polpettina), also met this girl, she was really nice and very helpful:

  2. oh found another pic:


    damn, I like the back of this shirt (don't like the front though):
  3. shoot wanted to get this one, but totally forgot. I parked in front of the store and was trying to hurry cuz the kiddos were asleep in the car:
  4. ahhhh the hoodie is soooo soft. I love it!

    Do you think it would be dumb or ruin it if I took out the ties at the hood? I don't like how they kinda cover up the cute graphic.

    I still can't believe I spent $80 on a sweatshirt though. But it's so cute and hey it's only money, can't take it with you when you die!

    So I'm new to TD, can someone tell me the name of this print with the cactus stuff on it?? I want to get a matching bag.

    Oh and it runs small, I had to get a size XL and I wear a Med in Old Navy, Gap, AE stuff.
  5. well the first hoodie is the storm hoodie
    the second hoodie has the cactus girl Sandy and the two dogs bastardino and polpettina
    you can also buy figures and plushies of them i think
    it's not exactly a print, it just features TD favored characters
    you can prolly find those characters on the styles: original, playground, Citta/citta rosa, and the newest Amore!
  6. congrats on your hoodie!
  7. Cute!!
  8. This JapanLA store seems awesome!!!! Makes me wanna go to cali just for that! :nuts:
  9. I know. I can't wait to be in cali just to go to all these stores and eat at better restaurants. HAHA