I got a new puppy ^-^

  1. I just got a puppy,her name is Kirara.She's 2 months old and she's a Gold Retriever.
    isn't she adorable?*-* she has a coach skinny bow on the picture.She's a coach puppy i got her a coach collar and leash.Cute huh?
  2. She is soooo cute!! Do you see those feet? She is going to be the size of a small car!
  3. Gorgeous, congrats!
  4. She's a cutie for sure!! Congrats on your new puppy!
  5. Aww congratulations.
  6. She's so cute!
  7. She is so cute:love: and adorable. Congratulations and enjoy.
  8. Oh she is sooo precious!!!:heart: :smile: Congrats!!!
  9. Awww..what a sweetie! If she were a boy you could have called her Coach, LOL!
  10. Aww. She is so cute. I love puppies :love: :love:
  11. Sooooooooooo cute. My puppy is now 6 months old.
  12. OMMMGGG!!! Soooooo cute!

    I love Golden Retrievers. Oohhhh, she's such a cutie pie!!
  13. So cute!
  14. awwwwww congrats! more pix modeling soon i hope! :yes: cute!!!!
  15. it's just endearing. . . :cutesy: